Cornerback Jalen Ramsey Officially Signs With Florida State

The five-star cornerback does what was expected and switches from USC to Florida State. Definitely a casualty of the 7-6 season and post-season fallout.

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  • MichiganTrojan

    They did everything they could to lose Ramsey. They waited 2 months to hire a DC, they fire Sanders 2 weeks out, and they still don’t have a LB coach. Oh well, at least he didn’t go to UCLA out of spite. Great way to build a program by the way. UCLA, aka “rebound guy.”

  • TrojanFan

    Good luck Jalen, I hope it works out for you

  • I heard Ramsey didn’t want to be subjected to STUPID questions by Wolf everyday after practice.

  • 714

    Rebound guy? Toejams are done!!! Get used to it!!U Might want to start being a fan of the wolverines (michigan trojan) SUCKA!!!!!

    • Right Michigan is great. What a turd program.

    • Win a conference and we can talk about Michigan