Kiffin Press Conference

Some quick items on Lane Kiffin’s press conference:

He does not expect to hire a secondary coach but would not say if he would use that spot to hire an offensive coordinator. Kiffin also declined to say if he would call plays.

Kiffin said USC was hurt in recruiting because of negative comments about his job status. He said it hurt out-of-state recruits more because they pick USC more for the coach than for the school.

Kiffin blamed media outlets like ESPN for decommitments because they make such a big deal out of announcements. He also said USC could sign 20 players next season.

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  • RallyMonkeyUSA

    Wolf mans blog will now return to obscurity. Enjoy Scott! Your fav team ucla did well today…

    • marvgoux1

      Yet he graduated from USC…


    Well Lane, Don’t loose to Oregon,UCLA,NotreDame,all in the same year you won’t have there issues …..

    • maze949

      Seriously, don’t loss to Oregon, UCLA, Notre Dame, all in the same year and you won’t have they’re issues ……

      • Their issues

        • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

          Not “loose” or “loss.” The word is LOSE gentlemen.

  • Hey Lanie, look in the mirror, that’s where the problem lies.

  • Swoll Francis

    “they pick USC more for the coach than for the school”!!!

  • dtksr1

    Yep… that is what you can expect from someone who is totally clue-less of what is going on, including his own actions, but still being paid millions. A white elephant staring you right in the face. I think Lane Kiffin is on a mission: to see how much damage he can cause a football program as its headcoach. I can just imagine all the other coaches laughing their heads off watching him make a bigger fool of himself… MG, why? I’m even wondering if Haden isn’t laughing himself sick watching Kiffin destroy himself?

    • i dont know if Bounce Pass is enjoying this debacle, but i can guaran-fing-tee you one thing: the Classy Cadre is LOVING IT!!!!

      • dtksr1

        On the outside maybe, but on the inside he is crying it man.


    • “I think Lane Kiffin is on a mission: to see how much damage he can cause a football program as its headcoach.”

      That makes Kiffin the Barack Obama of college football.


    There’s a fool in the mirror with the Denny’s menu. I hate to say it but Al Davis was right.

  • To be fair to CLFK, he’s not talking about the kids picking him, he’s talking about the position coaches. Their job status is, of course, dependent on his regime staying in place. Nikel Robey was an example of that following Kiffin’s staff from Tennessee to USC.

  • ThaiMex

    I gotta ask a couple of questions….This whole “football thing” is essentially a BUSINESS, right? SUCks has a BUSINESS School (though not so highly respected), right? Goat boy screws up at just about every opportunity, right? He looks about as comfortable in front of the Camera as “the real criminal” does in a Police Line up. He’s cross eyed, he mumbles a lot, and he has the Personality of a Box Of Pencils (thanks, Charlie).
    On second thought….I’ve got no questions. You guys are doing just fine.
    fit on torgans

  • Bru-Crew_UCLA

    Kiffie got it all wrong, (just as delusional as ever)……they DECOMMITTED because of the coach, not the school.