Official Scholarship Count

USC can sign 20 players next year including five early enrollees. In an ironic twist, Lane Kiffin’s making the job more attractive if a change is made because a new coach might feel less handcuffed knowing he can bring in 20 players next season.

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  • rusoviet

    No lunchbag it is the ‘rumor’ of a new ‘coach’ that, such as you, keep peddling that made this ‘less’ than it could have been.

    I get your contempt for Kiffin Wolf but I also realize no matter what happens ‘any’ and I mean ‘ANY’ change as HC will make the chaos you claim is reality.

    Soooo cram it Wolf and all the others who damn: the team, Kiffin, Haden etc….

  • Haden should spend a month in Boise begging CP to take the job

    • TrojanFan


    • steveg

      I agree.

  • ThaiMex

    Great news indeed…The new coach won’t be handcuffed by scholarship limitations…Speaking of HANDCUFFS…..Whats with Your ALL WORLD 5 STAR Tight end JUNIOR POMMEE! Maybe not a problem if Goat Boy is still around, because goat boy will have Junior playing the day after he gets out of Jail. What’s with all those guys at SUCks w/ Character Issues?
    fit on torgan

    • TrojanFan

      Wrong blog!…Bucket=character issues

      • marvgoux1

        That was amazing spin by Lane, it’s actually GOOD that we had mass defections in commitments and have five unused scholarships!

        • ThaiMex

          Brilliant…SIMPLY BRILLIANT! “Mean while, back at the Ranch”…On the heels of last years embarrassing UN-der performance, you couldn’t fill this years LIMITED quota of Scholarships. So……unless GOAT BOY (and COWHERD) believe next years team will be “even better” than last years team (REMEMBER, Goat Boy ranked last years TEAM #1…How much HIGHER can next years team be ranked than #1? WOW!) how the heck is he going to get TWENTY (20) to sign when he couldn’t get FIFTEEN (15) this year?
          fit on silly torgans!

          • Too much beer on Taco Tuesday. Ole.

          • gotroy22

            You mean Huevos Wednesday….


    • steveg

      they must be running with the molesters and rapists at jucla

  • Spedjones

    Yes, after all, what new coach would actually like to have a roster full of players when he can have recruits who might contribute 2 years later?

    • WingsHD

      The worse thing about UCLA fans you say one thing one minute and something totally different the next on the same subject. What having visions of you guys firing Howland your number one sport’s coach cloudy your thoughts.

      • Spedjones

        really, the “worse” thing? Silly trogie.

      • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

        Howland cloudy my thoughts; Mora cleary my thoughts. That’s all I have to say on the subject.

    • steveg

      Vanderwhatever went where? Not jucla!!! Great prediction by you trolls.

      • Spedjones

        My how the Trogies have fallen. From hoping for recruits to land at SC to cheering when they don’t end up at UCLA is a big, big fail.

        FWIW, check my posts from last week. I didn’t have him at UCLA.

  • TroyFan52

    Not a bad choice Ben Doverz with Peterson, but i’m still campaigning for Fitzgerald. Wolfman, I’ve soured on Kiffin big time, but your negativity is really getting bad……Kiffin’s hanging himself, and the whole country laughs at him as it is….I just hope he wins games next year….if not we all know it’s over.

  • dtksr1

    Wouldn’t this be a fucker if this is all being orchestrated? Beware you fellow-bastards out there, Scott Wolf may have again let the cat out of the bag….

  • Golden Trojan

    Let’s step back and look at this. USC gets 5 five star guys, more than any team ahead of them (Rivals). Texas AM, UCLA, and Georgia get none! USC has no 3 star guys, but other teams load up on them. USC is already limited in scholies but now has plenty to spare. There are some very different strategies going on at these schools. Will the “priority walk on long snapper” now get a scholie, and maybe other walk ons. If UCLA has better recruiting than USC, then how come ZERO 5 star guys want to go there? So many questions, it would nice if there was a reporter out there who could get some answers.

    • Spedjones

      18 4* kids in UCLAs class per scout. 18. Add 5* Willis and a few 3*s and you’ve got a solid, balanced class heavy on OL and DBs, which is just what UCLA needed. Keep your 12 kids and good luck with depth as they get hurt, don’t pan out, transfer and have grade issues (which all classes at all schools see).

      • gotroy22

        It’s always a crap shoot- I recall you guys having a #1 class in 1999 and it all disintegrated just like you said- transfers, injuries, the law, grades, busts. We had a simliar thing in 2008.

      • Golden Trojan

        That’s one of my questions, Kiffin complains about lack of depth and yet doesn’t go get as many guys as he can? If his job is on the line why not get bodies in? I didn’t see Willis on Rivals, who is he? Talking about don’t pan out, I guess Pomee opens another scholie.