USC Steps On Nico Falah TV Announcement And Says Falah Signed Letter Of Intent

Some good news for the Trojans as the offensive tackle from St. John Bosco signed his letter. But he is supposed to go on Fox Sports West this afternoon and make his announcement.

Fox Sports West must be pretty unhappy right about now.

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  • Spedjones

    SC needed to salvage the day – besides, they’re SC slaves and don’t care about FOX.

    Wrapping up, all Lane had to do was fill 15 spots. Seems the term “Unfinished Business” could be applied to his efforts! LOL!

  • I bet the advertisers are pissed too. I hear that Pick Up Stix had a special signing day commercial they were going to run just before his announcement.

  • MichiganTrojan

    2 recruiting grabs and Scott finds a way to sh**t on both of them? If SC lands EV, how will Scott frame that one? Stay tuned?

    • Spedjones

      uh, yeah guy. EV to ND. SC’s been out for weeks, if not months.

      • MichiganTrojan

        Well why didn’t you say so Sped? I’ve been wasting my time here for days?

  • take knee, wolfman, i GOT this!!!

    latest Scout rankings have BRUINS #3!!!!! (as I predicted)

    and troXans tumbling all the way down to #17!!

    from 1 to UN AGAIN!!!!!!