Baseball Coach Frank Cruz Suspended

USC baseball coach Frank Cruz was suspended pending an investigation to determine whether excessive NCAA Countable Athletically-Related Activities occurred within his program. NCAA rules restrict the number of hours you can spend in activities directed by or supervised by the coaching staff.

“We take any potential NCAA infraction seriously,” said USC athletic director Pat Haden.  “USC Vice President for Athletic Compliance Dave Roberts and his staff will investigate whether the baseball program exceeded the allowable CARA hours, and will do so diligently and expeditiously.  Pending the results of the investigation, we have suspended Coach Cruz from all coaching duties.”

Here’s my question: Who reported the violation? A player? A parent? A compliance officer?

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  • AH! AH! AH!

  • TrojanFamily

    Who reported the violation? As a “journalist” isn’t it your job to research this and report the answer?

  • Scott&Petros

    Who reported it? Scott Wolf’s source. His BFF Petros!

    • Petros’ old man is a putz too. What a boring set of slugs.

  • gotroy22

    First, mass defections in our #1 ranked football recruiting class, then TE Junior Pomee is found drunk in an alley with stolen goods and now we are in trouble with the NCAA for baseball? Will this week ever end?

    • Independent_George

      This is a blessing in disguise.

      Now haden can hire a real baseball caoch.

      • One could hope, but I doubt it. I think a coaching search at USC involves taking 5 names and throwing them in a hat and then picking a name from the hat for a coach.

        • Independent_George

          I guess we will see. Cruz was Haden’s only hire, and that was more of a Cantu situation — a loyal assistant who lead the team back to mediocrity after a terrible, terrible mistake of a head coach. Anything was better than Kreuter, and a lot of the same people who bash Haden today we demading that Cruz be hired.

          People, well, at least commenters (Joe Blow, NOBS, half the people on the pay boards, etc.), seem to forget that Garrett was the one who fired Gillepsie, and for no real apparent reason other than the fact the Garrett at the end of his tenure, believed the only qualification for a head coach in the four mjaor sports was to have professional expereience. That is why we got Kreuter, who’s only claim to fame was wading into the Wrigley Field seats to fight a few drunk fans, Michael Cooper, who seems nice enough but is not an upper echelon coach, Kevin O’Neill, who should be permanently enjoined from coaching anything above the level of a parochial school league in a small, midwestern city, and the Internet’s favorite punching bag and current Captain Emeretus of the Titanic, Lane Kiffin.

          I don’t think Haden expected all four sports to crater simulateuosly, but this is the job. And it’s quite a job, cleaning up Garrett’s doo-doo.

      • gotroy22

        You are right George, it is our first break in quite a while!

  • Golden Trojan

    If you are going to break the rules, especially with extra practice/prep time, the least you could do is WIN!