Kiffin’s Odd Timing

Lane Kiffin’s failure to issue a vote of confidence for his coaching staff this late is strange. If he is really serious about replacing a coach, it is unfair to wait this long because jobs start getting filled as soon as the season ends.

And if he does not intend to fire anyone, he is damaging the staff’s morale by leaving their future’s dangling. Maybe he is planning changes. Maybe he just doesn’t like being pinned down when asked a question.

Either way, it is his staff that are the losers. And I’ve already their is unhappiness within the McKay Center over the situation.

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  • WordSmith

    “And I’ve already their is unhappiness within the McKay Center over the situation.” – Is this English or some other language I’m not familiar with?

    • Independent_George

      I think it s an English hybrid.

    • seriously…he’s supposed to be a writer, yeah? good god scott. that’s pathetic. seriously, what do you bring to the table as a beat writer other than snark, innuendo, and envy? no one expects you to be a cheerleader, but your obvious schadenfreude for leinart, pete, kiffin, the galen center, et all is beyond ridiculous. go buy another soccer jersey and sniff amanda’s underwear some more.

  • I guarantee that SW is making this up. If it doesn’t happen, we will hear zero. If it does, he will crow all year long. What a jerk.

  • Kiffin is a stench that never leaves, kinda like NOBS. Kiffin needs to be fired and now. No wonder he can’t find qualified people to work for him. And I loved his comment yesterday that ” Out of state recruits come to USC because of the coach, not the school ” Nice endorsement for USC there Lanie.

    • Guest

      Hey phucktard eat $hit

      • TrojanFan

        Just say what you really think

    • TrojanFan

      Bendoverz is a stench that never leaves….Quit being so negative all the time, it’s ridiculous….leave NOBS out of it

      • AH! AH! AH!

        Look at zis fool protectink his boyfriend NOBS!

        Und zey say wampires are gay?

        • TrojanFan

          LAME!….WRONG BLOG!

      • Independent_George

        Joe Blow is NOBS

      • ThaiMex

        Why continue to cover for your BOYFRIEND, nubsie? In your PITCHER/CATCHER relationship….I thought nubsie was the giver and you the taker….Is this what it has finally come to? It must be tough.

        Come on nubsie….take it like a man.
        fit on torgie!

        • TrojanFan

          So what do you can the rear end job bruinrob has been giving you? Plus you have crewless in front to complete the train….OUCH!!!!!!

          I bet you get all tingly when the train is in motion….how about another OUCH!

  • Independent_George

    Well, the obvious question: “Who will want to coach under Lane Kiffin?” If some recruits balked at signing at USC because they think he is a Lame Duck, I can’t imagine any good, promising coach would want to be on this staff. Being a FOM (Friend of Monte) might get you DC gigs sight unseen, but being a LOF (Friend of Lane)? The man is going the be unemployed next year. I can’t imagine you get anything being a LOF other than a minor skin infection.

    • TrojanFan

      Do you ever have any positive things to say about the football program?

      • Independent_George

        OK. Here you go:

        Kiffin can see talent. No one seems to dispute that. Whether he can harness it is another story.

        I think the program has a very good foundation. Good enough for it to be attractive for a high-powered head coach.

        I believe Kiffin could be a very good head coach. I just don’t think Lane Kiffin is ready to be the head coach of any major BCS-level program. He should have learned at a Bowling Green, or a Utah State, or even an Illinois. But he does not have the experience or connections or the knowledge that comes from experience to be competitive year after year in the Pac 12, let alone USC.

  • dtksr1

    If Young Laney is pouting, everyone pays for it.

  • RememberTheFreedomBowl

    This is starting to resemble the Les Steckel Minnesota Viking 1 year era….deer in the headlights running joke.

  • sweeeet scoopin’ wolfman!!

    you continue to deliver more sweeeet scoops than the Good Humor man!!!


    • TrojanFan

      Please get some new material…..

  • JJ4SC

    Lets see if Kiffen does not make changes on his staff dbag Wolf thinks he is a bum if he does make changes dbag Wolf thinks he is a bum. F U Wolf.

  • radioman3

    Ach Du lieber Scott, vielleicht sollst Du auf Deutsch schreiben!