Some Afternoon Questions

Does it matter than assistant coach Kennedy Pola did not attend the recruiting dinner?
Or that USC signed only one defensive lineman in this class?
Or that Ed Orgeron lost so many previously committed defensive linemen?
And is the sister of Eddie Vanderdoes still offered a basketball scholarship? Has anyone informed Michael Cooper yet that she was offered?

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  • Independent_George

    1.) No. Except for Martin, entire offensive staff sucks anyway, so if he stays or goes, is at a recruting dinner or eating at Carl’s Jr., if he is happy or sad, who cares.

    2.) Yes. Win and lose on the line of scrimmage. Kennard will be gone after this year, if Uko has a breakout year, he could be gone as well. Fail.

    3.) Yes. Means that the Oregeron magic, if there ever was any, is gone, or that Orgeron is on the way out. DL was the only bright sport on the entire defense.

    4.) Who cares. And Cooper is gone either this year or next.

    • Orgeron couldn’t overcome the stench that is Kiffin. If Pola leaves it’s huge as he can recruit and he bleeds USC. Kiffin is a cancer, period.

      • dtksr1

        Both right!

    • betomas

      I agree with most everything you posted. It’s good that someone is providing answers.

  • RememberTheFreedomBowl

    McKay was 37 years old as Head Coach of USC his first year, the same age Kiffin is now. I fear that Haden sees Kiffin as the next McKay. From Wikipedia. The probation/difficulty recruiting parallels are interesting in the early days:
    In his first two seasons as head coach, McKay’s teams enjoyed little success, going 4–6 in 1960, and 4–5–1 in 1961. The Trojans had been on probation and had difficulty recruiting; McKay stated that these two teams were the slowest he had ever been around. Heading into the 1962 season, McKay felt he might be fired by university president Norman Topping; alumni were pressuring Topping to fire McKay, but Topping resisted and gave McKay one more year so he could field a team with players he had recruited. Topping believed that McKay had recruited well and that the team would be successful.

    • John McKay had a clue, Kiffin has no clue. The two are not even close

      • RememberTheFreedomBowl

        I know it. You know it. My point is, does Haden ?

    • Independent_George

      Charlie Weis is a better comparison. After an anomylous 10-2 season and an almost win against USC, the school rewarded him with a 10-year extentsion. After another decent with Brady Quinn at QB, he then field perhaps the worst team Notre Dame has seen in half a century.

      Not saying USC next year will field the worst team in 50 years (but it could, with a true frosh at QB, an all frosh defensive backfield and no D-Line depth) but the writing is an the wall. When you are reduced at a presser to the math of losers (our 13 are better than your top 13), and you look like you haven’t slept in weeks, you kind of know you are about to be terminated. The only question is when the guards come and get you. “Dead Man Walking!”

    • marvgoux1

      McKay didn’t move up the chain thanks to his well connected father. He earned his chance to coach at USC.

  • Maybe they can get a Breslin and/or Wiley from the JC ranks.

  • Golden Trojan

    Isn’t it the reporter’s job to get the answers?

    • marvgoux1

      Sometimes it’s his job to observe as in Kennedy’s prominent absence.

  • wolfman, you continue to are take your game to a whole ‘nother level!!

    while most reporters struggle to keep up with what happened YESTERDAY, you are like a chess Grand Master, always 10 moves ahead of the rest!!!

    it’s why you are widely known as “the Best Beat Writer in America”!!

    of course the Dummies don’t like you…but that is not surprising considering the fact you deliver humiliating kicks to their crotch every day!!

    • TrojanFan

      The man crush is as strong as ever…..troll on bucket

      • Jethro G Sabbath

        Bucket, ole pal,

        It’s been a while but what gives? You said if Vanderdoes isn’t a Bruin you’d never visit this site again. You must have heard that he committed to Notre Dame and their team name is not Bruins. Too bad you won’t even be able to respond to me because you are a man of your word.

        • Jezro! Vhere haff you been hidink? Und why are you tryink to ban zee Schucker-Bucker? All of you silly trojinks are alvays tryink to get rid of zee Schucker, but vhy?

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          • TrojanFan

            You sound like a stupid idiot…..It’s time to go bucket, and may the door hit you on the way out….beat it!

  • Gilligan

    Isn’t your job as a ‘USC’ Insider to answer your own questions? Did it ever occur to ask Coach Pola about his absence? I don’t know maybe ask Coach O his thoughts about this year’s recruiting class?

    Geez, you could also outsource your work ala TMZ to do your job.

    • marvgoux1

      How do you ask Kennedy when he’s not there?

      • TrojanFamily

        Well he could call Pola. Unless no one takes his calls. Occasionally a journalist leaves the press conference and goes out and gets the story.

        • marvgoux1

          Or he just observes the insanity of the dysfunctional Kiffin coaching staff and reports what he sees and lets the reader draw his own conclusions.

  • TroyFan52

    Why would Orgeron be on his way out, unless it was his own decision???? Let’s not forget the players he’s brought in during his two stints here……if he wants to go okay, otherwise keep him around no matter what……or maybe I just need to accept that all the wheels are officially off the Kiffin express………

  • Cheap seats

    Isn’t Powell a DE? With him + Bigelow doesn’t that make 2 defensive linemen?

  • TrojanFamily

    Does it matter? As a “journalist” shouldn’t you perhaps seek out sources and try to answer the questions rather than ask bloggers for them? Or are we the best sources you have?

  • bazinga

    You’re the reporter. You should be finding out the answers to these questions, not asking us.

  • Kennedy wasn’t f’n hungry you dip-shit!!!