• Kiffin WILL NOT win the Pac 12 south, no freaking way. If he isn’t canned after this season, and I hold no hope that things will change, then USC football is dead for a decade at least.

  • sage wisdom, wolfman!

    however, i have to disagree with your point about quality trumping quantity in this case. e.g., would you rather have four 4star DL’s or one 5star lineman??

    i’ll take the 4stars!!! both 4&5 stars have the athletic ability, but the 5star “it” factor is harder to judge. much more rare for a 3 star to reach elite status than a 4 star, whereas 5 stars don’t always pan out.

    wolfman, usually you start the day by giving the trOXans a humiliating kick to the crotch…is everything ok??

    • dtksr1 @dslextreme.com

      You’re right Bucket. There should only be 2 or 3 5-star athletes identified for a can’t miss designation. Its mostly hype…

  • The bottom line with the sanctions is the 75 player limit. USC has 60 scholarship players returning (w/Pomee, wo/Markowitz), and 13 new recruits for this coming season (=73). They could have only signed two more in this class unless they got rid of someone w/eligibility left ( per medical, transfer, quit, grey shirt, etc., as UCLA did w/seven kids last July). Stocking up on scholarships doesn’t mean you will have room to use them.

    • Golden Trojan

      Thanks for the update on the numbers, easy to lose track of who’s in and out. Pomee should be off campus let alone off the team. What an idiot blowing this opportunity. I wonder if Kiffin will give the 2 or 3 remaining scholies to walk ons?

  • Ben Factor

    Good dialogue for a column, Scott.

    I don’t think that Tom Oday is in sync with the coaches’ view of the 75-scholarship limit. I believe that the coaches expected enough attrition of one sort or another other to be able to admit 17 incoming scholarship players. Therefore, I think that it is not unlikely that 20 scholarships could be used next year.

    Few observers would prefer that to finishing yesterday with an additional 5-star and three solid 4-stars, regardless who ends up coaching in 2014. That’s life.

    For better or worse (or out of sanction necessity), Kiffin was given another year. Both he and Pendergast have external motivation to do their best work. It’s analogous to a professional athlete during the last year of his contract.

    There have been a few encouraging indications. We’ll see if they pan out.

  • ThaiMex

    Oh Lord….where O’ where do I begin……(LBC…I know you’re out there paying attention)
    take a step back and put the entire GOAT BOY situation into
    perspective. In FOUR (4) seasons, the GREAT Ted Tollner (you remember
    what happened to him don’t you?) had a 21-10 record at SUCks.

    In THREE seasons, Goat Boy’s record at SUCks is 17-10. In 3 years
    Goat Boy has lost as many games as Tollner did in 4 years! Ain’t that
    something! Mercy Nurse!
    but do fit on!