Dishonest Behavior Goes Both Ways

If you criticized one of the recruits who decommitted Wednesday or maybe you ripped Kylie Fitts for not delaying his enrollment until the fall, what about the behavior USC exhibited this week?

Did tailback Ty Isaac know running backs coach Kennedy Polamalu would not be back? If so, why wasn’t this leaked out before Signing Day? And if you say Isaac knew, what about tailback Justin Davis? Did he know when he enrolled in January?

I’ve seen comments critical of cornerback Jalen Ramsey, but why should he come to USC when his position coach was fired just before Signing Day?

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  • ThaiMex

    “This your Captain Speaking. We seem to have encountered severe mechanical problems and we are forced to make an emergency landing. Place your food trays in the closed position, adjust your seats to the upright position, make sure to tighten your seat belts. Remove your shoes, assume the Emergency crash position, put your head between your legs and kiss your A$$ good bye!”
    What a fuc&ing mess…..and it just continues to get worse at good ol’ LIMBO U.
    #1 to UN!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    fit on to all my torgan buddies…especially you emir!

    • Thai, you are keeping your game at a whole ‘nother level!!

      you are on fire, man!!

      (es en fuego, hombre!)

      i know as officers in the Cadre Executive Council, we swore an oath to pursue the utter devastation of the Southern Cal athletic dept….but this is ridiculous!!!

      basketball coach fired
      baseball coach under investigation
      football coach in full meltdown mode….

      this season keeps getting better!!!

      • Jethro G Sabbath


        Why are you always preaching about integrity on here when you clearly don’t hold yourself to the same standards?
        By your own account, you should never visit this site again.
        Are you that obsessed that you undermine your own word?
        Sad indeed.

        • well,
          if it isn’t Jezro. i had reckoned you were still lurking in the
          shadows, waiting for the nuclear fallout to wane…herh herh herh.

          Jezro, because you have so diligently studied my tactics and
          tendencies, you ABOVE ALL should know that not only have i NEVER uttered
          a single word of foul language (on this blog), neither have i ever
          typed a single lie!!! my word is sterling and my reputation is
          impeccable in the community of big time Pac12 sports blogging!!!

          so, what is this jibber-jabbber all about??

          • James Carr

            Charlie Bigot, as fun (and as easy) as it is getting in your head, why are you once again playing dumb and dodging the real question at hand???

            By the way sir, that was a brillliant dialogue you had up there with your other handle “Thaimex”

            How did you enjoy having a conversation with yourself??

            So, lets add up everything we have discovered so far about you: you’re a bigot, you have conversations with yourself using multiple handles, and you are so obsessed with blogging on here that you cannot resist leaving even if it means going against your own word, and you also seem to have a quite unhealthy and abnormal crush on the little boy from the Willy Wonka movie.
            Please, stay away from children.

          • Jethro G Sabbath


            Sadly, you spend so much time here that you have admitted to keeping files of other posters here so surely you remember your vow of just over a week ago. When you made the statement were you including all of your personas?
            I expect you to briefly reply here and then honor your word and go away.

          • don’t give me orders, Jezro.

          • ThaiMex

            Just one comment…..It’s ThaiMex…… it?
            fit on torgan!

    • Bean

  • BearBryant3

    Does seem like you would fire and hire the coaches right after the season, not wait till signing day. Kiffin is some how burning more bridges then anyone expected. Kiffin passing game cordinator coming to the nfl in 2014

  • betomas

    The behavior Haden, Kiffin and Co. have been exhibiting of late is disgusting. I hope that the new recruits (Bigelow, Falah, Brown, Cravens, Isaac etc.) are not immature and demoralized by the past few weeks—all this is a bitter pill to swallow—and that they can muster the psychic energy to move beyond all of the BS and distractions that have come up and that should never be a part of their experience. I bet the assistant coaches themselves have no loyalty, or even outright spite toward Kiffin.

    Come on Puss in Boots! You disappoint the fanbase.

    • marvgoux1

      I am hoping we are in a 2000 situation where we had great loyal recruits like Carson Palmer but an incompetent head coach and all we needed was for our AD to pull the trigger and bring in a inspirational new head coach to unleash the greatness of Troy once again. SC recruits itself in spite of the occasional bad hire and we can quickly recover if the AD quits dilly dalling.

      • betomas

        I’m not holding out too much hope as of now. Haden has been lax at his job if not downright incompetent the last couple of months.

  • Kiffin dishonest?

  • I doubt most kids go somewhere because of a position coach. I’m sure SC is the only school to do this. Another poke at Kiff by Wolf. Who cares about Pola anyway? He was average at best. He’d fit in at Jucla

    • gotroy22

      I respectfully disagree,Joe. Sometimes the position coach is the one who makes the difference in a highly recruited player. The position coach is the one who gives the personal face of the university, especially when the head coach is a cold fish like Lane. Look at the difference for fucla’s recruiting now that they have good recruiters as position coaches. The players expect to work with the position coach that recruited them. Obviously they know it’s a business and the position coach may not be there by the time they are seniors but it’s tough when your coach doesn’t even last to Spring training.

      • You make some good points. But I believe more important facets than the position coach include heritage, prestige, opportunity to play, and yes, academics. That’s why Jucla prospects have a 3.42 rating and those at SC are 4.42.

  • QueenKiff

    The second I found out Polamalu was fired I knew the timing was waited upon until the two stud RBs were fired. Kiff doesn’t even hide his shenanagins.

  • so true, wolfman!!!

    honesty is one of the most important virtues of all!!

    its right up there with honor loyalty and the 8 Clap!!!

    • James Carr

      Ohh now Mr Bucket, are you intentionally ignoring the posts of Jethro? Isnt it true you said that you would cease visiting this blog if a certain recruit didnt sign with UCLA? By failing to follow through on this, you are revealing that not only are you prejudice, sexist, a bigot, but now also a liar??
      I guess this would mean your alter-ego “Thiamex” should cease in visiting this blog also, since any regualr visitor to this blog can figure out you are obviously behind both handles.

      • you are incorrect.

      • ThaiMex

        Just one note…..It’s ThaiMex………..get it?

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      So prove it!

  • JJ4SC

    Issac was told Coach P was leaving so f off dbag Wolf.

    • WingsHD

      How would you know? Kiffin works on lies and deception that’s what he is best at. If the running backs knew SC was going to fire Polamalu why did they wait until after signing day? The way recruits were falling like fly’s leading up to signing day I’m sure they didn’t say a word to Issac.

    • marvgoux1

      Link? Or are you an insider?

      • JJ4SC

        Trust me he was told. Issac loves SC. He may have gone to ND but they wanted him as a linebacker. I liked Pola but Kiffen has the right to make the changes he see fit, Only time will tell if they are the right changes.

  • Valid questions a good journalist should find out about…

    • Ben Factor

      Agree. Typically, the article would finish with the words: “Telephone calls [Text inquiries, Email inquiries] to Ty Isaac, Justin Davis, and Jalen Ramsey were not returned.”

      There is some suggestion below that Isaac was told prior to Signing Day.
      No one likes change, even when it’s needed. Griping will subside when there are victories, and personal performances are praised. May it only happen!