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Lane Kiffin said this week he did not have “enough nails” to build a fence around Southern California and keep other schools from getting top local recruits. And just five of the Trojans’ 13 recruits are from Southern California.

Pac-12 Network analyst Rick Neuheisel said that is a troubling sign.

“That’s a lot of time spent far away from campus,” Neuheisel said. “And that always worries me.”

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  • agree with Neuheisel, i do.

    worrisome, this is.

    a fence they alreay have around the campus, hmmm?

    much fear in Kiff, i sense.

    fear leads to anger.

    anger leads to hate.

    hate leads to suuuuuuffering.

    • Cheap seats

      How many accounts does Bucket have? The writing style is a dead giveaway..

    • Michael Link

      You are repeating yourself child. Go ask Mom for more medicine.

    • TrojanFan

      Wrong blog….go troll the other site where someone might agree with you……

      .The train is picking up speed, don’t look back you might lose the other eye…….that has got to hurt!

      • You’re an effing hypocrite, you spend equal time on the UCLA blog. You POS.

        • Bagel

        • TrojanFan

          I posted there 3 times, all in retort to BRU CREW……You must be confusing me with someone else, nice try!

          The baby blue sweaters have got to go, you guys looked like a bunch of idiots going down the freeway

          • You go on there like a little bitch, snitching on every Bruin fan on here posting hate on USC, and expect sympathy from Bruin fans on there, you will never get any…give it up, you like a little girl crying to mommy because someone took her doll.

          • TrojanFan

            Just exposing all the ruin trolls for what they are…..nice try!

  • Tee Boh

    @Yoh Duh …but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not put us to shame…

    • WEBB?? at least Jezro used his old handle when he emerged from the shadows.

      • Jethro G Sabbath


        First of all, due to your own promise, you shouldn’t be here but now you are accusing others of multiple handles?
        Not a man of your word and I believe “coo-coo” was how you classified your current behavior.

        Very sad

      • TrojanFan

        It’s time to leave bucket, there’s the ruin site you can troll

  • neuhozzle as a source for recruiting analysis?? HAHAHAAHAH!!!!

    • Spedjones

      If anyone knows about the downside of recruiting too far from home it’s Rick. Mock him, sure, but if you don’t see what’s happening at SC it’s on you.

      • Guest

        Dumbazz check on the number of OOS players the ruins took. Enjoy the brief advantage. When sanction go, you’re toast. DlckIicker

        • USC will be crappy for at least 4 years after the sanctions end, as a matter of fact USC will begin to be crappier this next season. If you thought 7-6 was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet. son.

          • Jucla has been crappy for 50 years

          • TrojanFan

            …..and will be for another 50 years…..

          • 38-28 SCumbag, and schooled you in the recruiting trails. OUCH

          • Nice average rating. SC prefers QUALITY.

          • The only quality ‘anything’ SC has received lately are the BJs from toothless Joe Blow….Bagel please!

          • TrojanFan

            Go troll your grandma’s panties…..enjoy the aroma

          • TrojanFan

            50-0……. 2 for 14……please explain?

          • 50-0? huh? how long ago was that? 38-28 I ‘member and u ‘member…’member?

          • TrojanFan


          • 38-28 BlowJoe

          • Bagel On!

          • TrojanFan

            No ones buying what you’re selling, move on…..

            The teeth are looking really white, that must be some special sauce!

          • Do you really think we’ll rebuild slower than Alabama did? They’re they only program with even comparable situations. And 7-6 is bad. The difference between usc and ucla is the same between the lakers and clippers. Lakers fans don’t buy season tickets when they lose. You do. It’s capitalism baby!

          • It’s called fair weather fans, which is what USC fans are, just wait for this upcoming football season, your attendance will be about 35,000 per game, you will average 55-60000 and below 50,000 the following year. UCLA on the other hand, even when we have bad teams, our attendance was up, until 2010-2011 we began to have lower attendance, and in 2012 it went up again averaging about 15,000 more than the year before. Bruins have REAL fans.

          • I agree, but it’s a mindset. Cubs, Raiders, etc have ‘real’ fans. When the games sell out every time regardless of record, there is no internal pressure to improve. Which fan base’s behavior has a more overall positive effect on the team over time?

            (ps I had tickets to every ucla homegame this year, which a ‘real’ fan offered to give to me)

          • marvgoux1

            The problem is that there is a distinction between a professional team, like the Rams and a school that you
            attend, like USC. We alums support our school because we went there and our loyalty doesn’t change like a free agent football player who flits from team to team or a fan who roots for the 49ers because they are the flavor of the month. College football alumni generally don’t humiliate our players by boycotting the games or booing the team or wearing paper bags on our heads like NFL fans do. USC’s Tradition of Excellence, our loyal fan base that travels better than any other program in the country and our undying loyalty are the pressures that have a positive effect over time.

          • TrojanFan

            Can you please explain what you posted, I’m confused, your numbers don’t add up……..nice try!

      • TrojanFan

        When you hide in the closet all day, your brain goes dead….just saying……any fresh aroma?

      • BEATND

        Petey built a fences then left he gate open as he went nation wide, Kiffin followed and its been down hill ever since. Its all clear to me, a SoCal 3 star is equivalent to many 5 stars. I must say also many inner city kids don’t even get rated. They just serve up heart attacks for us playing for The O, Udub and The Cardinal

  • Jethro G Sabbath

    I would have thought losing to the hated rival by the unthinkable score of 50-0 would be what always worries Rick.

    • in the past, you live.

      to the future, the Cadre looks.

      meditate on this, you should.

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      • Guest

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      • Jethro G Sabbath

        Speaking of past, that’s where Bucket is now. Too bad for him that he facilitated his own demise.
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    • Wake up fool! are you that idiot that fell over the SUC tunnel railing at the Rose Bowl on Novermber 17th?? I guess you just came out of your coma….huh, UCLA 38 – USC 28 sorry for the bad news 🙁

      • TrojanFan

        We are all laughing at your pathetic a$$… least show a little dignity, with a family like that I know it’s hard. If you need support, bucket has what you need

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  • Independent_George

    That’s more Kiffin BS.

    Recruit Willis or Kelly instead of Ramesey.

    Spend more time on Harlow and less on Hatcher or Prevot.

    Tell McQuay there is no room, keep Fitts, then you don’t have to deal with the local blowback.

    It’s always excuses and half-truths with Lamey.

    • Exactly

    • Guest

      Plug your jazz fart and blow your brains out

    • Guest

      Plug you azz fart and blow your brains out.

      • Independent_George

        Hey Stupid, you do know that while you might have posted as a guest, Disqus shows your handle in the emails sent when you comment on a post, SoCal_Native_59.

        Of course you didn’t.

        Did they finally kick you off Conquest Chronicles? I don’t envy you. Being a lonely, crippled, bored, stupid and bitter old man is no way to go thru life.

        • Spedjones


        • betomas

          ha ha!! tell him, George!

    • TrojanFan

      Who cares about the “local blowback”, it’s what happens the field that matters

      • Finally you say something of substance!!! 38-28 POS

        • Bagel boy

        • TrojanFan

          If you’re looking for substance try the secret sauce on your bagel, bucket swears by it!

          • Geeez. you really don’t have much of an imagination, you come on here and repost the same sentence, you and joe blow are biggest idiots on here, why Scott Wolf would still allow you to post is amazing, you offer nothing to this blog.

          • Cream cheese

          • TrojanFan

            YES!….But only the type approved by cadre members!

          • TrojanFan

            Geeez. you really don’t have much of an imagination, you come on here and repost the same sentence, you, bucket, spudjuice and crewless are the biggest idiots on here, why Scott Wolf would still allow you to post is amazing, you offer nothing to this blog.

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          • You’re the same idiot that used the “Our 75 is better than your 85” handle, smart move in changing it, loser. OUCH!

          • TrojanFan

            Wrong guy, idiot!…..You sure do have a hard time figuring things out

  • bazinga

    Gosh, we should all send Rick a note to thank him for his concern.

  • LK wasted some nails on Ricky’s coffin.

  • rusoviet

    Why all the ‘hate’?…..jack our Jack…why…if only…gone are the days….Bobbie….Teddy…..Eleanor….Adlai……(hmmm no more ‘dead’ dems to mock bummer…. oh well….I digress…..

    Look for all you ‘bel-airians’ out there who ‘hope’ that a whitebread/pumpernickle (hey I gottstas rag on dem’ bros’ huh?)…believe Neuheisel doesn’t have an axe to grind having been smoked four straught times – my

    • marvgoux1

      Has anybody seen my friend Bobby?

  • Maybe that was the SC graduate student in Rick speaking.

  • Ben Factor

    Without naming names who should have been recruited harder, the observation isn’t compelling.

    Seven and six.

    Lots of “stars” on the roster, but mediocre performance, and criticism of offensive and defensive game plans and execution.

    Poor media relations.

    Guys from the southeast walked.

    Guys from Texas walked.

    Guys from CA walked.

    Suppose the same thing were to happen after a season of over-performance by a well-coached team. Then, let’s talk. For now, let’s worry about the coaching and player/team performance levels.