Did Lane Kiffin Need To Remove Kennedy Pola?

If you think Lane Kiffin fired Kennedy Pola because he wanted to hire an offensive coordinator, that doesn’t necessarily make sense. With defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast coaching the secondary, that means there is an available coaching spot.

So Kiffin could have made Pola the running backs and Jeff Tedford the offensive coordinator.

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  • Pola is better off, now he doesn’t have to work for Kiffin the Douche anymore

    • gotroy22

      I was hoping he’d be the interim coach when Kiffin gets fired next Fall.

  • Ben Factor

    I’m in favor of change when things haven’t gone well. If Kiffin will be finally judged by 2013, and I do believe he will, I don’t begrudge him the right to do what he thinks needs to be done to win.

    We have heard some encouraging words: more physical practices, more aggressive defensive system tailored to player abilities. The dust has not settled on the restructured staff. Spring practice will involve a lot of learning in order to play in the new defensive system (and maybe offensive system). And we still won’t know much. So, why get worked up at this point?

    I’m as harsh with Kiffin as anyone. But right now, he’s trying new ways. Since I thought that should have been done DURING the 2012 season, I’m definitely not going to complain now.

    Go for it, Lane Kiffin, and we’ll see how it turns out. Hopefully, you have thought this through and have some good ideas.

    I won’t mind at all looking back in a year and saying, “I was wrong about Kiffin.” I confess–I was wrong about Marcus Allen after his first year, so I’m not always right.

    • He got rid of a guy who wants to play physical football, something Kiffin will not do. I’m sure Pola probably had enough of this narcissists act and told him to go F himself. Kiffin can make all the changes he wants, the bottom line is he will still have the Denny’s menu in front of his face, his butt will pucker when things get close, and USC will have yet another crappy season and recruiting will suck again.

      • gotroy22

        It is baffling when Lane went to such great lengths to bring Pola to USC. What soured the relationship?

      • BEATND

        RE: Kiffin can make all the changes he wants, the bottom line is he will still have the Denny’s menu in front of his face, his butt will pucker when things get close,

        Nuff said

      • Ben Factor

        Reply to Ben Doverz:

        Your opinion has its merits.

        To me, Kiffin was given another year. On balance, I think Haden was correct to do that, because of the sanctions, which would impede a great hire.

        I don’t know what is really going on inside the athletic department, i.e., who participated in these staff changes.

        I have heard what you have heard about more physical practices and more aggressive defense. I like that. In addition, I hope that the schemes become simpler, so more young players can play useful minutes.

        You may prove to be 100% correct. I would not be shocked if you are. I hope not.

        At this point, I vote for change. Since Kiffin is the HC, he and whomever are going to make the changes. There will be plenty of time to return to my disdainful, sarcastic tone later. I’m taking a wait and see approach for now.

  • QueenKiff

    Whoa, what sec, Tedford is in on this?

  • Chris

    Thank you Ben, you seem one of the few readers with a clear head about the changes in regress. I agree…Fight On..class of 86

  • wolfman, you done it AGAIN!!

    whenever Kiff tries to misdirect or engage in his usual shenanigans, you are there to swat it down, like Dikembe Mutombo swatting a shot!!

  • and to those who recently seem so passionately engaged in
    facilitating my exit from this blog i say this:

    recently i was confronted by someone known as “something-gun grabber”
    who claimed i had vowed to leave this blog if Southern Cal defeated UCLA in
    basketball. i calmly responded that if this were true, simply provide the quote
    and i would leave the blog forever as promised.

    he immediately apologized for the misunderstanding and i graciously accepted.

    so please don’t you cyber-bullies ever challenge my integrity again!! there is
    IRON in the words of the Cadre for all to see. no paper can carry the iron, it
    must come from men!! and believe me, i am ALL MAN!!!

    • betomas

      That’s true, CB…but do you have to post so often so as to gain the ire of so many USC fans? I know a lot of classy UCLA fans. I appreciate that you dont use foul language, but why post so often and so “in your face?” Just an honest question.

      • BT: fair question. i am working all day today, with Valentines and Easter coming up (in the confectioners game it’s called Fricking February) so i am drifting over from time to time in between emails and candy contracts…

        but i do often ask myself, is it wrong being on the the wolfman’s blog all the time? but in the final analysis, i say, how can it be wrong, when it feels SO RIGHT???

        insofar as being “in your face”, hey this is the rough and tumble world of big time Pac12 sports blogging!! smoke ’em if you got em’!!!!

    • BearBryant3

      Like the kool-aid mans says OH YEAHHHH!!!!!!!!!

  • Gilligan

    Kiffin sucks BIG TIME. Garrett screwed USC more than the NCAA by hiring Kiffin. I can’t wait until 2013 is over so USC can hire a new coach and bring this program back as a National Power. No excuse this program should not be in the top 10 each year with a large recruiting base and tradition.


    Let’s be clear…
    Polamalu had been taking jabs at Kiffin all season, and really amped up the criticisms of him after the season ended. You could see the frustration on his face all year. Polamalu wrote his own ticket out of town (rightfully so). Polamalu was guilty of wanting to play physical, and Kiffin, didn’t like being challenged.

    One more year of Kiffin…then bring on Charlie Strong!!!!!

  • Bru-Crew_UCLA

    I bet the Tennessee fans are laughing at sc. They couldn’t be more happy about the collective collapse of sc and kiffie. Kiffie is a real D-bag. Ken Pola is well respected and will get a job faster than Lame after he’s fired.

  • I think pola ends up at UCLA as they are in the business of picking up fallen scraps from SC’s table.