Cavanaugh Turned Down USC

Sources confirmed Oregon State offensive line coach Mike Cavanaugh turned down a job offer Lane Kiffin over the weekend to coach the Trojans’ offensive line.

Here’s a few reasons why he probably turned it down:

1. Oregon State is quality program in a good working environment and people love working for Coach Mike Riley.

2. USC is seen as a 1-year job if Kiffin gets fired.

3. Kiffin may or may not know that Oregon State offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf donated a kidney to Cavanaugh’s wife in 2007.

19 thoughts on “Cavanaugh Turned Down USC

  1. I know you don’t answer your “open forum” questions, but now we are expected to answer your questions? WTF??? Now you have stooped so low as to get your “scoops” from a kid’s tweets? SWEET SCOOPING, HEY CHARLES?

  2. wolfman, you continue to deliver more sweeeet scooops than a two headed melon baller!!!!

    even the most ignorant Dummies and assorted cyberbullies on here have to admit you are KILLING IT!!!

    oh, how Kiff unwittingly awakened a SLEEPING GIANT when he tried to embarrass the wolfman in public!!!!

    he has been feeling the Claw of the Wolfman ever since!!!!


  3. O Line coach at OSU to O Line Coach at USC? Seems like a lateral move, maybe more pay but moving from Corvallis to LA would be a radical change in locale.

    • Agree that Scott is being petty.

      It is obvious why Kiffin will have a tough time luring good coaches away from an acceptable current job. His hot seat.

      Kiffin needs to find a quality guy who does not have a current job. That is the bottom line. Hopefully, he did that regarding Pendergast.

      Don’t count on coaches with current jobs. That was for this time last year.

  4. Did you notice our little boy Scotty’s professionalism? He listed why Cavanaugh probably turned it down. Now, an adult reporter would actually interview Cavanaugh, get a statement, perhaps even interview a few folks in Corvallis. You know, actually get a story.

    Scott Wolf is working for a newspaper held in extremely low regard. Here’s a few reasons probably why he is:

    1. He applied at the LA Times but failed to pass the English language proficiency test

    2. The Daily News probably doesn’t have to pay him.

    3. Wolf may or may not know Lane Kiffin, That is, he may actually have met Kiffin once or twice. I don’t know. I didn’t ask him.

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