Kiffin’s Purge Reflects On . . . Kiffin

What does it say about Lane Kiffin’s judgment that he is getting rid of assistant coaches that he hired? He promised the best staff in America when he was hired in 2010.

Now he looks desperate as everyone is becoming a scapegoat for the 2012 season, except Lane Kiffin.

21 thoughts on “Kiffin’s Purge Reflects On . . . Kiffin

  1. Hey Scott Wolf…. sometimes it takes the threat of your job for a worker to really understand the scenario and how you “must” deal with it. We have been slamming Kif & Haden pretty good lately, me included. If in fact there is an honest attempt to right this ship, and I can think of no better way to immediately do this than bringing in position coaches who know their stuff, then we need to show some appreciation to this approach. Unless you want status quo for another season?

  2. ” I’ll have a Grand Slam breakfast of pancakes, sausage, eggs and hash browns, coffee, OJ and milk. Why am I wearing this disguise? I’m hiding from Pat Haden “

  3. As often said, I appreciate Wolf’s skeptical approach to the team and the program; heck, we might even benefit from tough questioning about the state of Trojan football and USC athletics.

    But I wonder if the Kiffin critics (I rate myself about a 6 on a scale of 1-10) are having it both ways by offering: The season was a disaster, Lane lost the locker room, the team underperformed, the playcalling was lacking, recruits felt betrayed … and then they throw a fit when coaches get fired.

    Look, I’m a big fan of Coach Polamalu, but do any of us really know if this firing is wholly unwarranted? Short of Kiffin resigning and living out his days on a Tibetan mountaintop, I sense his critics won’t be satisfied, and claim everything that happens is the head coach’s fault … and that every step he takes to make it better is totally unacceptable.

  4. This whole scenario is by far beyond bullshit. I can’t even believe that Haden is letting this go on. What’s next? Wolf we all know you are at best not very good and for sure not what USC needs to have reporting at this time. I have to believe if we see 40k in the coliseum next season it will be a miricle. It is getting so bad here that even the jucla trolls can’t take it anymore.

    • Don’t you think Kiffin runs personel matters by Haden for at a review and maybe there is some planning going on? Though I would think at this point in the year, you would have replacements lined up and ready to announce their hire.

      • No. But he’s always trying to jab the department yet wants to be treated in the same manner as the classy writers like Klein of the Times. Gary exposes the negative issues, just doesn’t try to insert himself in the equation like Wolf does.

        • I think Scott is beating a dead horse, and then kicking them when they are down. If you think SW is a great journalist, great, I personally think he needs to get a life.

        • Really? I gave up reading the Times because they were always slow-walking any news that wasn’t positive. Klein is typical of todays “journalist” that tries to ingratiate themselves in with the subject they are covering, like the White House press corps sucking up to Obama to get one on one interviews and invitations to State dinners and cocktail parties. I would prefer to hear harsh reality reported than happy news, especially when my school is tanking in our signature sport.

  5. Scott, wasn’t it you who asked the question at the signing day presser if the staff was complete?

    Regardless of which reporter asked it, Kiffin pretty much gave it away with: “I don’t know, we have a lot of questions. Like I told you guys all along, we’ll examine everything after signing day. We’ve been very slow on some stuff on purpose, you want to make the best decisions. We’ll go to this event tonight and start that process.”

    Again, he said, “We’ve been very slow on some stuff on purpose…”

    The coaching staff purging was PLANNED. Likely after signing day because they didn’t intend on it hurting recruiting. Obviously, it leaked well before.

  6. Utah hires Dennis Erickson to be their OC, Kiffin mumbles and whines and fires a coach who has a clue. Which school took their team in a better direction this week ?

  7. I kept calling his playchart a coloring book but after seeing it up close, it is in fact a Denny’s menu or close to it.

  8. I kept calling his playchart a coloring book but after seeing it up close, it is in fact a Denny’s menu or close to it.

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