Petros Papadakis To Discuss Polamalu Situation

Radio host Petros Papadakis, who played for former USC assistant Kennedy Polamalu, will discuss the firing of Polamalu during the 3 p.m. hour (PT) today on his 570-AM show.

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  • betomas

    Petros and Money are going to rip a new one into Kiffin.

  • Is Petros’ idiot dad going it weigh in as well?

    • betomas

      English translation, please.

      • gotroy22

        Joe seems to be trashing a great Trojan who played on one of McKay’s best teams and loyally served his university as host of his restaurant for decades after his playing days.

        • John WAS a great Trojan player and STILL a great Trojan. But his act on radio is OLD, TIRED and full of crap. I personally know him from school. Oh, and the restaurant host? The NCAA loved that.

  • betomas

    Got to hear part of Petros’ talk regarding Pola. Petros today: “Polamalu was the best coach on the USC football team…the best coach I ever played for…recruited and coached up talent like Lendale White…”

    • gotroy22

      No wonder he had to go. He made the other coaches look like F Troop.

      • betomas

        Bingo. This is all the more tragic considering the clowns left to coach all of the raw talent. I wish Coach Pola well.

  • dtksr1

    If what was said on the radio at 3:48 PM, waiting the whole hour… I just ask, tell me something I don’t already know Petros. And after his 10 minute interlude, I am still saying, tell me something I don’t already know Petros. You are like a broken record buddy… I heard a lot of this 2-3 years ago.

    • betomas

      I thought it was useful to hear an ex-team captain say that Pola was the best coach he’s ever played for and that, until he got fired, that Pola was the best coach left at USC. Petros in essence called out Kiffin, intimating that it was a boneheaded move to fire Pola. He may not say what a lot of fans like to hear, but I think he still has credibility as someone who played for Pola and who kept in touch with him him throughout the years.

      • Dude, Petros has the Bully Pulpit. He’s pulling the same crap SW does, which is why they get along. Petros is wearing out his welcome. BTW, he’s the worst at the Galen.

        • betomas

          Wearing out his welcome where? Some fans don’t like him, some do. I don’t think Petros is going anywhere.

      • Ben Factor

        I think you have nailed what’s important about Petros’s opinion. KP was very popular with his players, and a well-regarded teacher.

        I don’t question LK removing him. LK has to perform now, and I assume that motivates his every decision. I’ll give LK the benefit of the doubt that there was a legitimate reason related to winning.

        I do think that LK showed lack of sensitivity to how the firing would be received, and to KP. I think that KP knew he was not going to return to USC in 2013 on NSD. There is a disrespect not to invite KP to the recruiting dinner anyway, or to have the department tell him not to attend. LK can be entirely too impersonal. In the same way, why was the firing announcement so late? Why did Kiffin not anticipate how many players would be upset, and not take proactive conciliatory steps?

        LK really needs a professional handler/teacher to assist him with these kinds of situations. He doesn’t have any instincts for best methods. Even if he had to pay for it himself, it would be well worth it, for his own professional benefit. His aloof, insensitive style contributes significantly to making him the anti-teflon.

        • betomas

          You ask a lot of good/valid questions and make some excellent points. I don’t see Lane getting a teacher though.