USC Forward Ari Stewart Fractures Thumb

Stewart will be sidelined about three weeks after suffering the injury last night against Washington.

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  • the following is a prepared statement from Charlie Bucket:

    “thank you. my fellow Cadre, Dummies, Nabobs and cyber bullies:

    Much has been made of a recent quote i made wherein i allegedly promised to leave this BLOG if Vanderdoesn’t did not attend UCLA. upon close reading, the referenced quote very clearly shows I am referring to the MaxPreps site because THEY stated VanderDoesn’t was going to UCLA. I clearly stated I would “never visit this SITE (MaxPreps) again” if he did not attend UCLA.

    it is an undisputed fact the wolfman hosts a BLOG not a SITE. there is no doubt whatsoever as to my literal meaning in the referenced quotation!!

    Do you for one second think I would actually risk losing access to the best BLOG in America based on the capriciousness of an 17yr old boy??

    Jezro, you tried, you failed. But many have. So I am not
    going to demand you leave the wolfman’s blog forever, but do I think a 5 day self imposed suspension is in order.

    i have retained Lawyer John to represent me in any further proceedings. any future inquiries should be directed to him.

    So let it be written, so let it be done!!!”

    End of statement.

    • Jethro G Sabbath


      I would ask you how you sleep at night after attempting to sell a turd like that but it is a well known fact that you don’t sleep at night. You stay up, consumed with all things USC.
      I hope you will eventually recognize the seriously unhealthy level of your obsession. Until then every time you return here will be a reminder to everyone of what a fraud you are and that your word means nothing.

      Try to get some sleep tonight!

      • the seriously unhealthy of level of MY obsession????

        Jezro if you look up obsession in the dictionary, you’ll find……aw never mind, you’ve had a rough day!

        anyways, why do you want me off this BLOG so badly?? i know lots of trOXans who thoroughly enjoy my antics!! i am told i have an irresistible joie de vivre!!

        if it makes you feel any better, i conferred with an esteemed trOXan who has done over 20 years of complex legal contract work, and he confirmed my position is rock solid.

        when i set my little trap, i never dreamed it would draw you from your cushy lair!! but you took the bait!!! but then that makes perfect sense!!! it was too much of a temptation!! Ahab, taking one last crack at his White Whale!!! take heed of your Melville, Jezro, in the common parlance, check yourself before you wreck yourself!!!!

        • TrojanFamily

          Besides, Jethro, if Charles ever left this site, he might leave his home and talk with an actual woman.

        • Jethro G Sabbath

          It took you two days to come up with this “explanation”?
          Keep telling yourself that you are satisfied with it.

          • Brother Jezro, conspicuously absent in your bushel of sour grapes is any dispute with my logic, so accordingly it’s clear you admit you were beat like Apollo Creed in Rocky Four!!! but to show i am a gentleman, i will not demand you leave this BLOG as YOU promised if proved wrong!!!

            Geez Louise!! get over it!! you need to pull together with fellow trOXans to avert the TOTAL COLLAPSE of the trOXan Athletic Dept!!!

            is it all about Water Polo now?? forget Bucket for crying out loud!! you are chasing a ghost while the building goes up in flames!!

          • Jethro G Sabbath

            I’ll let your logic, which is nothing more than a futile and unsuccessful justification, speak for itself. To continue the debate would be exactly what you want. You apparently have the time for this, even in your busy season.
            Don’t stay up too late!

    • This blog is on a site – if it wasn’t a site, you wouldn’t be able to access it on a browser remotely. Saying you won’t visit this site again would entail you not visiting this blog or any other blog on this site. You have an incredibly shallow and misinformed wealth of knowledge on anything pertaining to technology, and your vapid statements about technology is hopefully as hilarious to me as it is to everyone else here.