USC Morning Buzz

Did Lane Kiffin try to hire Oregon State offensive line coach Mike Cavanaugh? An Oregon State reader reported that last night Cavanaugh’s son tweeted his dad turned down a USC job offer, only to quickly delete the post.

Regardless, there has been speculation for weeks that USC offensive line James Cregg could be removed or shifted to another spot on the staff.

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  • I dont think Kiffin has a plan.. I think he makes harsh decisions without having a back up plan.. Why get rid of position coaches without already having a fill in coach to take over? Trying to poach other coaches just makes you look like a moron…

    • dtksr1

      Not if those “other coaches” are damn good in what they teach, then it is a brilliant move. The question should be, will Kiffin’s ego allow that to become a possibility?

  • Golden Trojan

    If the “BUZZ” is that Kiffin has one more season is true, why would he turn over his staff so much? Wouldn’t it be hard to get really good coaches if they think you won’t be around? Either Kiffin has more long term support from Haden or Kiffin is only going to get coaches that are jobless.

    • dtksr1

      If Kiffin were to bring in some proven position coaches and left them alone to do their work, it might buy him enough time to get wise to himself and actually be a good game manager. Whether he ever grows up though, is another matter.

    • WingsHD

      He is trying to do anything to save his job. When SC hires a coach as a replacement it’s because that coach doesn’t have a job. Anybody on someones staff already isn’t going to move to SC. Can’t wait to see who they bring in but I warn don’t have high expectations.

  • gotroy22

    That makes James Clegg a dead man walking.