Coaching Staff Status

It sounds like defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast will not even hire someone to assist him coaching the secondary, which means there will only be him, Ed Orgeron and a linebackers coach.

That means an extra spot for the offense. Right now, a viable option, that probably will not make fans happy, elevates Clay Helton to offensive coordinator and still includes Lane Kiffin calling plays. Then Kiffin can hire another running backs coach and a quarterbacks coach.


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  • grave soul

    The Exacerbation of an Implosion — a book by Lane Kiffin, with an introduction by Pat Haden. Brought to you by the Nikias Publishing Corporation.

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      Grave Soul – brought to you by Charlie “technicality” Bucket

      • Charles Bucket

        Jezro, you’re back, baby!!!

        monitoring the time and content of my every post and accusing random commentators of being a Bucket aliases!!

        completely wrong, 99% of the time, of course, but you’re back!!

        by the way a trOXan alerted me to this latest wild accusation!! see, even the trOXans find your antics kooky, and i don’t mean “ha-ha” kooky!! more like queeeer kooky!!

        • Jethro G Sabbath

          What was the 1%?

  • Ben Doverz

    Why would you go to USC to play football ? No one will be coaching you.

  • dtksr1

    KISS…………. you have a line coach, a linebacker coach & a DB & safety coach who will be the DC. The defensive shifting usually involves the DBs & safeties more in going from man to zone to blitzing.
    If this free’s up positions to address the playcalling, it is worth it. I would be thrilled to see a new O-line coach also.

    • Ben Doverz

      Who is the LB coach ? Oh wait, there is none that I know of.

  • B.Miller


    • Ben Doverz

      Rather Kiffin be fired.

  • Bill Simon

    How is this not the most unprofessional coaching situation I’ve ever heard of? What a joke…

    • Ben Doverz

      And Haden stands behind him 150%

  • Craig Elliott

    As long as Kiffin’s the HC, who cares who does whatever else