Former USC LB Jarvis Jones Given Clean Bill Of Heath

Former Dallas Cowboys executive and NFL analyst Gil Brandt said today that, “Doctors give clear bill of health to Georgia LB Jarvis Jones. Med report will be sent to teams Thursday, should solidify top-10 pick.”

That means Jones was cleared by Georgia team doctors and league doctors. But not USC doctors in 2010, which is why he transferred after suffering a neck injury.

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  • Ben Factor

    Who knows what was the right course medically? Let’s not pretend that the NFL takes great care of the health of its players.

    However, it was certainly a bad break for the USC team and defense. I have read that Jones will be a top-5 NFL pick. That would have helped a lot in 2011 and 2012.

    • That would be true in the past, but the NFL is literally fighting for their existence now with issues like Junior Seau and brain injuries. They don’t need a player becoming paralyzed on Monday Night Football.

    • dtksr1

      I love football as much as anyone, since its about the only sport I pay attention to. But if athletes knew how the pounding of their body actually affects it, I think it would open their eyes a little more. Football players in particular do not live as long as an average man and its due to the physical nature no body was created to withstand. When doctors tell you your body isn’t up to the rigors of this type of pounding at a time, you better take their advice very seriously unless you want to spend the rest of your life using a chain, wheelchair or a bed the rest of your life.

  • ThaiMex

    LOSERS….had Jarvis ONLY mugged or ROBBED someone…he would be in a SCUm uniform in a matter of days. That why U Stupid Clowns are the laughing stock of college football!
    fit on torgans…and Happy Valentines day to all you QUEER Rah Rah’s!

    • rusoviet

      bel-airians cry to their god ‘wooden’ “Where art thou oh fraud of frauds? We all need our woodie ‘cuz we can’t ever be anything else….

      • Best post this year!

      • USC Fan

        God Wooden is right. If we had just one of those 10 Nattys he won in B-Ball we would be ecstatic! We don’t even HAVE a coach. Are you St-St-Stupid or something??

    • Thai, you are like a bull dog in a chinese shop!!! but i worry that the trOXans are on the verge of a collective meltdown!!!

      they are starting to realize this year’s footballers are a shaky wreck heading for a cliff!! and they are getting nastier and nastier!! things are so bad, i am prepared to Guaran-fing-tee if the trOXans win the BCS Natty in football in 2013 i will leave this site AND BLOG forever!!!!!

      and you can take that to the bank!!

      • Thai is more like on drunk Mexican on Cinco de Mayo.

      • TrojanFan

        Please. please please get some new material, idiot

  • MichiganTrojan

    The plot against Jarvis Jones, as carried out by the SC medical staff, and uncovered by Scott “Gargamel” Wolf. Good journalism wins again!

    What’s it gonna take to let this issue go? A carcass? Does he have to break his neck or become paralyzed for SC doctors to be proven right? If professional sports has proven anything it’s that you can ALWAYS find a second doctor to disagree with the first. What’s so terrible about erring on the side of caution. Like Telfort, they offered him the full scholarship, even though he couldn’t play football. What a lousy thing to be snarky about.

    • USC Fan

      Let it go? All the LB’s that year who got away! Manti, Vontaize and Jones? We might have gone undefeated the last four years if we had all three and that’s no exaggeration. So that’s not news? Are you St-St-Stupid or something??

  • TrojanFan

    So what does this have to do with the USC?…..NOTHING…….post some relevant news

    • USC Fan

      Our former player who is making good after we sent him packing, and this has nothing to do with USC Trojans? Are you St-St-Stupid or something??

      • ThaiMex

        Exactly…he’s both…He’s “Something Stupid”…not unique on this site…especially when written by those “Queer” torgans.
        (So is it now “FIRE ON” , Fit On, or Fit Un? I soooooo confused)
        BTW…..Class of 2013 losing ANOTHER Commit? ( I heard he got the big ol’ “EL PASO” from admissions) Did another BRAIN SURGEON fail to Qualify @ “Stanford of the West”….MERCY NURSE!
        By the time Fall comes…you’ll have been hit with enough non-qualifiers, transfers, and Parole Violators, so that Goat Boy will be forced to start with The TOUCH FOOTBALL THING all over again…(ask “FAT’ Barkley how that whole thing turned out).
        U Stupid Clowns are Hilarious!
        fit UN Torgan!

        • TrojanFan

          Dude, get some new material

      • TrojanFan

        Are YOU St-St-Stupid or something??

        • marvgoux1

          It is relevant because it tells us about our medical staff which may be overcautious.

          • TrojanFan

            Did you put any thought into what you posted?

          • marvgoux1

            You obviously didn’t. You are so kneejerk in your defense of SC you have become as ridiculous as Charlie and Thai in their hatred of SC.

    • HA! That’s Wolf for you. talking about stuff that happened years ago..

  • Uh, this is 2013 yes?? 2010 was what , hmmm… 3 years ago by my calculations?? perhaps, just maybe, Mr Jones was not cleared THEN because it was 3 YEARS AGO ! Here’s a crazy thought , maybe he wasn’t in the same physical shape THEN ! ….hello!! Three years of therapy and medications may have something to do with his 2013 clearance ……Good Grief Scott , you really gotta start controversy at evry turn with SC??