Jeff Tedford-Clancy Pendergast Reunion Would Be Awkward

It looks increasingly dubious that Jeff Tedford will come to USC as offensive coordinator. Here’s one reason among many others: Would he really want to be on equal footing with Clancy Pendergast after being his boss? Especially when we hear from Cal sources the pair did not especially get along last season.

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  • Kiffin is going to coach the RB’S, QB’S, call the plays, sweep the lockerroom out, etc etc

  • Ben Factor

    Why would Tedford want this job, even if he liked Kiffin and Pendergast just fine?

    He just settled his contract. He has been a head coach for many years, and probably has some financial security. If so, he’s not under pressure.

    He is not used to having his offensive ideas challenged or vetoed.

    Kiffin is on the hot seat. It may be one and done.

    USC will have depth challenges. The OL was mediocre in 2012.

    Why would Tedford decide that it would be a really good idea to come to USC?

    It makes no sense to me–at all.

    Does anyone have counter-arguments?

    • you nailed it Ben–excellent point!! what’s the upside here? the chances of success seem fairly limited with a shaky or rookie QB to choose from and light RB’s (barring some super Freshman emerging).

      and why risk a final karate chop to Tedford’s legacy?? chances are he wil go down in flames with Kiff after one year!! in fact if Tedford joins Southern Cal as an OC, i will leave this site forever!!! (but not the BLOG…chortle)

      • steveg

        damn, what does it take?

        • Jethro G Sabbath

          Integrity – something he does not possess.

  • dtksr1

    If this collection of ragtag losers (Orgeron, Tedford, Pendergast, Cregg, Helton have all been part of or in charge of losing programs) can mesh to turn this program around in one year, it would no doubt be rewarded with another year of survival. They will have the best crop of talent to work with, so the pressure will be on the coaching staff.

    • Orgeron is saddled with the stench of Kiffin, the others are just Kiffin’s version of what PC had on his staff the last few years, brain dead yes men.

  • steveg

    I am sure LK will have to make serious concessions to Tedford if he came, and I am sure they would have talked out the differences prior to anyone getting an offer. Would it work? Yes, it could, but the parties all would have to work together and Haden would have to have a serious hand in all of it. Just imagine Kiffin on the sidelines WITHOUT his Denny’s menu. That alone is progress.

  • Here’s another perspective on JT becoming OC. If Kiffin is fired but Tedford’s O does ok, he could be in line to take over the HC position. Just a thought.

    • Ben Factor

      If Tedford’s O does OK, Kiffin probably won’t get fired. I suppose that the defense could fail to improve, but that seems unlikely. USC will be without ONE good cornerback, and that’s it. Other than that, each position should perform better, and the system could hardly be worse.

      Either the USC coaches had no idea how to evaluate talent the last few years, or the defense ought to be improved. There must be some advantage to having a class of 4 and 5 stars every year. There are some top athletes hanging around, no?

  • TroyFan52

    Hmmmmmm…..I don’t know what to say anymore….I’m just hoping for the best next season, with hoping being the key word. I still say Kiff will not give up the play calling….no way……Pat Fitzgerald in 2014 !!! We need buttons made!!

  • sorry, but when you get fired as head coach, you usually get demoted in your next job. tedford could be a position coach – hed just be lucky to even have a job.

    • look at Paul Hackett…he’s lucky to be a friggin’ QB coach these days.

  • Probably not going to happen anyway, so lets move on..