Signing Day is nearly a week old and the crosstown rivalry is hot. I heard a Bruins assistant believes they now have the edge in Los Angeles. By the way, did you know former USC assistant Kennedy Polamalu was also a UCLA assistant in 1992-93.

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  • Bill Simon

    Well this is the first time in recent memory that they have a more experienced, professional staff than we do.

  • Swoll Francis

    hard to tell between wolf speculation and wolf secret code but By the way, did you know is too too casual like on purpose like wolf say pola to ucla hint hint

    • Cheap seats

      It’s being said that Pola wanted the OC gig, but wasn’t going to get a promotion. He isn’t going to quit to get the same RB coach gig somewhere else.

      So, unless UCLA is going to fire Mazzonne, Pola isn’t going there.

  • Someone call Charlie strong and see if he would be interested in an HC position at USC come 2014?

  • c’mon guys, this is supposed to be a gladiator style match up!! lets have some blood on the ground!!

    you guys are acting like the Italian Stallion in Rocky III, no fight left in him!!! i know you guys have had a rough year, but you need to get back in the ring!!

    the Cadre has the EYE OF THE TIGER and you guys are acting like Don Knotts!!!

    if any of youse can knock the Chucker-Bucker down, i guaran-fing-tee i’ll leave this SITE forever!!!
    (but not the BLOG, tee-hee-hee)

    • Why are you still on this site? Vanderdoes didnt sign with UCLA.. You should no longer come here!

      • Spedjones

        LOL at clowns who expect a bb poster to keep promises. Mr. Bucket is here to stay, clowns.

        • USC Fan

          Right on, Spud!! Are these guys St-St-Stupid or something??

    • steveg

      Thought you were gonna leave, Vanderdoes went elsewhere. You have beat us down so bad you need to go to the Oregon or Stanford blog now.

    • Swoll Francis

      were talking about football nto boxing

    • TrojanFamily

      Chuckles apparently stopped watching Rocky III 2/3 of the way through.

    • lifetime Bruin Fan

      Please don’t leave.

  • Independent_George

    They should. Kiffin ignored Southern California this cycle. Plus the Fitts situation makes it worse.

  • Independent_George

    Other than Kiffin’s errors, UCLA needs to go to a BCS bowl to truely pull ahead. Otherwise, a .500 season isn’t going to give UCLA any advantage.

  • steveg

    It sure looks like Mora is doing a much better job than Kiffin. I don’t like jucla but I have to applaud coach Mora for the job he is doing.

  • Gilligan

    What is Haden waiting on Kiffin’s firing? He has reshuffled his staff a number of times and with the lone exception on 2011, the results have been average at best.

    Coach Mora has done a great job at UCLA but at the same time in order to truly be an elite team they have to go to a BCS game. During the Caroll era USC was 6-1 in BCS bowls games.

    Another key factor is that USC has a sorry head coach. USC will still be the lead program once an effective head coach is hired. My two favorite candidates are Herm Edwards and Coach Walker. I think USC needs a defensive minded coach ala Caroll to be an elite program once again.

  • rusoviet

    One more year….just one more…..then all the bel-airians can commemorate six decades of ineptitude……1954….Dwight D. Eisenhower…Giants win the World Series….Diem Biem Phu……Roger Bannister’s four minute mile….and last but not least…..ucla my sucla wins a national championship in football.

    Gone are the days…..why?…….if only……

    What a complete joke UCLA truly is

    • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

      Man, am I glad you didn’t have the grades to get accepted to UCLA. My fellow Bruins and I are thankful that you didn’t. You truly do belong in those polyester red pants you’ve had since the 70s, dude.

      • rusoviet

        Where’s the meaning? The hope? It isn’t fair! We toil and strain up in bel-air and somehow we’re still truly what we are ‘white-bread limousine liberals opps I meant ‘volkswagen’ liberals….if only…..woodie in the sarcophagus…..his aging offspring screaming for more from the trust fund…..sam gilbert still denied his ossuary that is his due…..(sounds of feminine weeping using ‘baby blue’ soiled diapers to daub their ‘New York Dolls eyes’…..always a loser – always a westwood with a 80 yard practice field….(snicker)

        • Owns, Rus didn’t want to go to a JC.

          • Spedjones

            You mean SC’s no longer considered a JC? Fig Tech players often take ballroom dancing at the JC level to keep eligible, don’t they?

  • Win the Pac 12 for a couple years, and we can have this discussion again..

    Not going to say SC isn’t falling, but lets be honest with ourselves first UCLA