Firing Line For USC Coaches

Here’s an update for those keeping score: Basketball coach Kevin O’Neill: Fired. Baseball coach Frank Cruz: Fired. Assistant football coach Marvin Sanders: Fired. Assistant football coach Kennedy Polamalu: Fired.

Football coach Lane Kiffin: Still hired.

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  • betomas


  • Independent_George

    Cooper is next, then Kiffin will be gone after the 2013, if not sooner (after the Utah State loss).

  • TroyFan52

    Indy George your right on about Utah St…..they will play anybody anywhere and usually are in the game the whole time…..

    • Bob Turnage

      Thing about that game, Utah State will be ranked and SC won’t.
      SC will no doubt be the favorite

  • Start firing the AD

  • Recapping the last three events doesn’t count as news.

  • wolfman you’ve done it AGAIN!!!

    will the last coach fired please turn out the LIGHTS????


    hey Jezro, you guys got more important things to worry about than chasing C-Buck outta this joint!!!

  • CharIes Bucket

    BANG! ZOOM!!

    wolfman, you are aaaaaaaaall outta bubble gum!!!

    oh how Kiff rues the day he EVER messed with you!!!

    it’s like Don Knotts went up to Clubber Lang and spit in his eye!!!

    wolfman, you have DOMINATED KIFF!!!! and the little trOXans are
    powerless onlookers like Adrian Balboa!!! they can’t stop the

  • Fire the Beat Trader, err, Writer.

    • maze949

      Trader or Traitor?

  • steveg

    Can’t win’em all.

  • Way to state the obvious!