NCAA Proposes Kiffin Rule

The NCAA’s Football Rules Committee proposed a rule today that  will “require a player that changes numbers during the game to report this to the referee, who will announce this.”

Sound familiar? Remember when Cody Kessler wore Kyle Negrete’s No. 35 during the Colorado game and then switched back to his original No. 6?

No word if the NCAA proposed any new penalties for deflating footballs.

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  • BANG! ZOOM!!

    wolfman, you are aaaaaaaaall outta bubble gum!!!

    oh how Kiff rues the day he EVER messed with you!!!

    it’s like Don Knotts went up to Clubber Lang and spit in his eye!!!

    wolfman, you have DOMINATED KIFF!!!! and the little trOXans are powerless onlookers like Adrian Balboa!!! they can’t stop the beating!!!!

    • Ted

      you went all the way to 1978 for that one…

    • TrojanFamily

      Did you even watch the end of the movie? You do know Rocky beats Clubber Lang. Your references are about as fresh as Mr. T. What’s next, an ALF reference?

      • quit yo’ jibber-jabber!!

        • TrojanFamily

          Come on man, say it. “Whatchu talking bout Willis?!” Keep those fresh pop culture references coming!

    • TrojanFan


      • marvgoux1

        Admit it sneaking a player on th field like that was lame and beneath us. We win fair and square.

        • ThaiMex

          Marvy…..when’s the last time you Condoms won anything fair and square? As you knuckle heads like to say………”Just wonderin'”
          fit on torgan buddies!

          • TrojanFamily

            I do recall going to Pauley Pavilion and beating the Bruins rather fair and square on their court. And I suspect any of us could beat you in a spelling bee.

          • marvgoux1

            When we beat you 50-0 it was fair and square and Lane could have run it up to 100-0 if he wanted to. I don’t know what happened to that team or that coach this season.

  • Ted


  • RememberTheFreedomBowl

    They’re also considering a proposal that has the Nose Tackle checking the Air Pressure in the Ball before the Center can snap it.