USC Fires Baseball Coach Frank Cruz

The university announced it fired baseball coach Frank Cruz today. Here’s the link.

USC pitching Dan Hubbs was named baseball coach following Cruz’s dismissal.

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  • how many humiliating kicks to the crotch can this miserable school take???

    what will give first, the NCAA’s boot, or the troXans crotch???

    trOXan coaches dropping like horse turds left and right!!

    and true to form, it’s TEFLON KIFF who remains standing!!

    what’s next, an announcement Kiff is resigning to take the SF 49’ers job???

    • rusoviet

      Hey sailor meet me at ‘Griffs’ – it’s ‘clothing optional’ night and you’ll be ushered into the ‘mondo bondo’ hall. Hmmmm sugah’ I’se get yer’ ‘nuthin’ but chaps’ attire – afterall dats’ what they wear ovah in ‘bel-air’…..I’m a ‘bruin’ and my god is ‘woodie the woodpecker’ and his trusty skunk Sam Gilbert….woodie come back…..we’re still a pathetic joke driving to pasadena to play ‘football games’ and your monument ‘woodie’ ate up more yards so our practice field is a (what?) 80 yds. joke…..cuddles white bread…remember when you go in ask for ‘the cowboy’ you’ll get the ‘westside ‘prius’ liberal special….tell them you’re game for anything