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A Pac-12 coach, who did not wish to be identified, said he heard USC assistant Kennedy Pola was fired because Lane Kiffin felt “threatened” by Pola.

“He knew Kennedy was a no-nonsense guy and saw through the way things are done and isn’t afraid to speak up,” the coach said. “So he made a change.”

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  • Who cares? What’s more important is when will Dan Guerrero explain to all BRUINS why Don Mclean’s #42 Basketball Jersey has not been retired to date? Scott, can U get an official statement from the inept Athletic Director or do U think he will give U the cold shoulder regarding D-Mac’s jersey?

    • TrojanFan

      Exactly, “who cares”

    • Hardtail Bruin

      True dat. Could this actually be common ground? How can two universities with different but great athletic traditions have such inept leadership at not only the athletic, but university level? Hmmm.

      • ProbationU

        Don MacLean? Seriously? We actually have standards for retiring jerseys. Was he a national player of the year? 3 time All American? In the Naismith Hall of Fame? Other than scoring a lot of points, what has he done to deserve it? He absolutely NEVER guarded anyone. He isn’t even the most distinguished #42 at UCLA. That honor goes to Walt Hazzard.

      • Bru-Crew_UCLA

        That Idiot ” DEEP THROAT” stole my comments from Inside UCLA.

        Tell “ProbationU”, the U must stand for “Unintelligent” or “Under Cover Hater” How many National Titles did Reggie Miller Win? D-Mc is the LEADING SCORER IN THE PAC 12 CONFERENCE……. Do U need a HISTORY Lesson naming all the Great BB players that have played in the Pac-8-10 and now Pac 12. No one is or was comparing D-Mc to the Great Walt Hazzard yet, his accomplishments need to be acknowledged and celebrated also. D-Mc is the standard…

        • I’ve never been on that site

    • Bru-Crew_UCLA

      Hey Deed THROAT!!!!! If U R gonna re-post my posting from Inside UCLA may I please get U to use quotation marks and give me credit? Next time don’t modify my post to make it seem as if U came up with and original idea. U R a real D-Baggggggggggggggggggg!

      • WHAT???? How dare jou

        • betomas

          Joe Blow = Bru-Crew_UCLA. Thanks.

  • DUH !

  • TrojanFan

    Another he said, she said post… the facts

    • Spedjones

      actually, it’s only a “he said” post. Mora was just sparing Lane’s feelings by staying unidentified.

  • oneillwatch

    This is getting pathetic…spreading trash talk that some source outside of the University who “did not wish to be identified” and who knows about as much about why Kiffin fired Pola as any poster on this site knows. Give me a break. Firing Pola was an outrage. Spreading aimless cat talk is a crime. By the way, what would it take to put Nikias, Haden and Kiffin on the same train out of town? Maybe the anonymous Pac-12 coach can answer that question.

    • Wolf is just reporting what was already known by many at USC. Pola dared to question Lane F’ing Kiffin, can’t have that.

  • jetman624

    Would it really surprise anybody if this were true– this is exactly what I would expect to hear considering all the past shenanigans of this clown. 2011 was just the calm before the storm– Kiffin is flushing this program down the crapper.

  • grave soul

    I wonder what Haden has to say about all of this.

  • MichiganTrojan

    Gimme a break, that’s it? That’s the reason, Pola “spoke up”? Not that he was making 800K+ and would have to make less than half that as a RB coach, to make room for a new OC? Who was this nameless “coach” – and what blog did you take this off of? Was it “Coach Spedjones” by chance? Maybe it was “Coach McGirk?” Anyway, keep on that beat, we need those inside sources!

  • Really Wolfie? Do Enquiring minds want to know? Why don’t you just admit your long held desire to write for the Enquirer? Do you have any idea what a douche you are? Get lost.

  • Hey wolf.. instead of reporting news from “someone who heard someone say”.. How about you do some real news reporting and investigate the story from the source.. go ask KP!

    Get back to me on this.. Thanks

  • steveg

    And I bet that you Scott thought the exact same thing. You probably see through Kiffin better than anyone!

  • well yeah another PAC 12 Coach,,unidentified , super news reporting there Scott,,,,uh maybe Mora ?? why not ? the more controversy at Troy the better for his bRUINS……….