Former Cal Coach Jeff Tedford Says He Will Take Year Off

That means USC coach Lane Kiffin will not have Tedford as the Trojans’ offensive coordinator. And it adds credence to the idea Clay Helton will be offensive coordinator and Kiffin will still call plays. Here’s the San Jose Mercury News story on Tedford.

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  • HAWR-HAWR-HAWR!!!!!!

    Teddy Boy would rather take a year off and watch Doomsday Preppers on TV every day than hitch his wagon to the sinking trOXan ship!!!! (mixed metaphor intended)

    and who is AAAAAAAAALL over the story?? the WOLFMAN!!!

    thanks for the gumball, wolfman!!!

    • James Carr

      Sometimes I wonder how much more success this blog would see if it didnt have a such a piece of crap beat writer who comes up with nothing but National-Enquirer type trash and calls them “stories”

      Ive honestly never heard of anyone more despised than this Scott Wolf scumbag.

      The only reason anyone even comes here to begin with is because USC Football has such a large following of hard core fans. This blog actually has a lot of potential, if it only had an even somewhat decent beat writer. If Scott Wolf were replaced I can easily see the hits on this blog double, maybe triple!

      The sexist and racist Charlie Bigot (Bucket) lowlife pretends to like Scott Wolf only because he thinks its some kind of hilarious on-running gag, but it got old quick! Scott Wolf is probably too stupid to realize that this Charlie Bigot guy posts about him in the most condescending manner! lol

      • betomas

        For good or bad, Scott isn’t going anywhere. I’ve seen others write that Bucket has written racist statements. I personally haven’t seen those so link please.
        There are a bunch of ignorant racists, xenophobes, and homophobes that regularly write on this blog. Call em out, but show proof.

      • Definition of BIGOT
        : a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance

        oh man, i AM a bigot!!!….i am bigoted against stupid, hypocritical, racist, homophobes!!! oh! i’m guilty as
        CHAAA-AAAAARGED!!! (waving hand in air)

    • Teddy Boy may HAVE to take the year off to collect his contract dough from CAL

  • TroyFan52

    I disagree james carr. Bucket and thai mex crack me up. But, on a serious note, it’s not surprising Tedford said no…..a lot of people have. Check out the Sporting News article on Kiff being all but done…’s a good read……

    • Gilligan

      Another reason Haden should fire Kiffin NOW. Why waste another year with an underperforming coach and at the same time short staffed. Haden should call Herm Edwards, Jack Del Rio, Lovie Smith or Dwayne Walker. I would be surprised if any of them turned down the job since USC will pay them pretty good money and next year’s class will have 20 recruits. At the same time what has Kiffin done to inspire the fan base besides firing a highly respected Coach in Pola? He has lost the team and I don’t recall of any head coach losing his team and winning big the following years. His ignorance was in full displayed during the Defensive Coordinator hiring process. He made feeble attends to hire a good coordinator and instead settle on CP. Then again why would a good coordinator come to USC on a one year deal.

      • dtksr1

        I have to admit, I would be very intrigued if Herm Edwards took this program over. That would be scary with his intensity, knowledge & detail to specifics. You would definitely have another Nick Saban to compete with. What kind of coaching staff would he bring in? Wow

    • dtksr1

      Agree Troyfan, supporters of other programs come into this website with envy and can’t help themselves throwing barbs every chance. It is entertaining and really… because they care enough to do so. They attack Scott too. Its all the same. They can’t find another sportwriter who matches the time & effort put into this website year around.

  • dtksr1

    Two things about this article; Tedford admits he has an itch to get back and that will tell Kiffin to try harder in convincing Tedford to come, if Kiffin’s ego is aroused. And, Tedford said after the Holiday bowl loss to Texas, playing as poorly as they did, things became unraveled as Tosh bolting to UW and losing recruits. BINGO!
    Maybe Kiffin & Tedford can get together and get drunk on their misfortunes…