Matthew Thomas Quote Of The Day

Linebacker Matthew Thomas was asked by Josh Newberg of when he decided to sign with Florida State? 
“Well I decided that morning (Signing Day),” Thomas said. “The night before I was honestly thinking USC. I was trying to get the (letter of intent) and everything ready and signed first. But my mom didn’t want to sign it. She didn’t want me to go to USC.”

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  • TrojanFan

    Hey wolfman, do you ever have anything positive to say about the football program?……

    • Is there something positive to say these days ?

      • TrojanFan

        Why don’t you surprise us with something, since your glass is always half empty!

  • Ted

    I guess mom knows best….

  • dtksr1

    Honestly… some young men benefit by going to college away from home and grow as they wouldn’t otherwise, and some are better off staying home being close to family & familliar surroundings. A mother knows her son and usually wants what is best…

    • Gilligan

      I concur with your assessment. Would have been nice to add Thomas to the team.

    • Plus the kickbacks to the welfare mom’s from FSU are greater than from USC these days.

      • Gilligan

        C’mon Ben let’s keep things civil.

      • TrojanFan


  • Great coaches know to recruit the parents especially the mothers!

    • Ben Factor

      Great coaches have really successful teams that don’t underachieve.

      Then, they have a better shot to lure a kid (and his parents) 3,000 miles away from home. It’s no cakewalk for any coach to achieve that. Look at where Saban’s recruits played hs football.

      I don’t know anything about Thomas, but moms will be moms, and few of them think their “baby” should be so far away.

  • Too bad there isn’t a dad in the picture to sign that LOI (Assuming there isn’t one around). Good luck, kid.

  • The USC coaches did their job. The article also said Thomas told his HS teammate Denver Kirkland (the night before signing day) he was heading to SC.

    • TrojanFan

      It’s sad the kid couldn’t go where his heart was truly at….I guess his mom was doing what she thought was best for him, or could it of been for reasons that would work to her advantage

  • How can you twist this as a bad thing. I read the whole interview. It is sad for USC. But the guy honestly wanted to go to USC and cheered for it. It is bad, and it is mom’s decision. We had to move on. But I think this was a positive article for both USC and FSU fans. Things will return back to good. But we need positive attitude. Yes, Kiffin is on an extremely hot seat, but he is doing his best knowing that this might be his last shot. Let’s be positive this year, otherwise we will have a fresh start next year. It is all good!

  • Ben Factor

    Scott may read what he wants into the decision. I am inclined to think that Thomas’s mom preferred him to stay closer to home. One would be hard pressed to conclude that FSU is a better university than USC, or that USC would not prepare Thomas well for the NFL.

    Not that coaching uncertainty at USC, and especially defensive coaching, was a non-factor in NSD. In this case, I suspect that distance trumped other issues.