• MichiganTrojan

    What an article. Some anonymous source said USC was interested in Tommy Amaker and another anonymous source said Amaker was not interested. By the way, what are the odds that SC will hire an active coach away from another program with 2 months left in the season? High, somewhat high, medium, little chance, no chance? What do those “sources” say about that. Keep using the LA Daily News to try and get ESPN time Scott. You have a 7% success rate.

  • Spedjones

    The real morning buzzzzz is that 2014 commits and prospects are tired of SC’s coaching too. So long Mr. Poland. Adoree? Not even mentioning SC as a school pushing hard. Lane ON!


    yeah he’s gonna leave Havard for Fig Tech!!

    i just want to see his face when he gets to the new DMZ entry gates with the armed gaurds and gun towers!!

    wolfman, sometimes i think you CAN go too far in your abuse of the Dummies on this BLOG…give ’em a break huh? it’s valentines!


    • WEB_Dupree

      Bucket, I’ll give you credit for one thing. The better things are going for USC, the less we tend to see spedjones trolling on this blog, and since this past season, a whole new crop of amateur bruin trolls have come out of hibernation. But you have been trolling Wolf’s blog 24/7, 365 days a year since at least as far back as 2009, and maybe further. Can’t remember whether you were already trolling when I started reading this blog back in 2007 or so. But I admit that you troll in good times and bad; you are no fair-weather, bandwagon troll.

      • i don’t really recall when i started digging the wolfman’s blog, i’ll have to check the Cadre Archives. I think it was around the time the NCAA report was “supposed to come out” and then it took 3 years to issue!!! i was a fair haired bright eyed wonder boy back then!!! now, it looks like i’m gonna retire a Cadre member!!

        what keeps me here is the wolfman!! he has the cool demeanor of Billy Jack surrounded by hulking bikers!!!

        and the biker analogy fits perfectly because the biker community is CHOCK full of self-loathing latent homosexuals, just like this blog!!

    • rusoviet

      Your ‘squeeze’ at ‘The Pink Elephant’ wondered why you hit him last night? ‘SWGH/SP bel-airian ‘seeking’ same with a twist…..bring a bobblehead of ‘woodie’ or it’s ‘no fun time’…..

  • Kcb

    Wolf, I hope your facts right about this 1. Your so called game preview today in the paper has the wrong channel for the game tonight against Stanford. Try next time actually giving us a preview of the game instead of repeating your blog in the paper

  • Golden Trojan

    Kinda doubt there will be a hire till after NCAA tourny is over. Will be a lot of coaches looking for a chance to take USC to the next level after that. Still have to see how Cantu plays out. Wolf is just a rumor mill right now. My SI swimsuit issue came yesterday, officially signalling the dead zone for sports for the next month.

  • Maybe Haden will hire Cruz for BB

  • I would like to see SC repeat 2009, and my personal choice would be to keep Coach Cantu, a man that has the team playing so much better, was instrumental in so much of the recruitment, and could be the perfect fit for the school and all the players that are returning, and all the new recruits.

    As compared with the other school, you have players that are actively recruiting for this man, and to new recruits while at the other school you have players that tell recruits to go elsewhere.

    Nice job tonight and with each win, the confidence of the players should get better, and they can start to see a light/ring/trophy at the end of the tunnel.