More On Polamalu’s Dismissal

It is clear now after speaking to sources that Kennedy Polamalu’s firing was more of a personality-driven move by Lane Kiffin than anything to do with the makeup of the coaching staff.

That means the fact Polamalu was offensive coordinator is irrelevant. And that is backed up by the fact Kiffin didn’t have Jeff Tedford lined up. So how much will things really change offensively next season?

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  • old_trojan_93

    Well, 2013 is Lane’s last year anyway. Better to let him have it all his way so that when he does get the boot, he won’t have any reason to cry.

    • LOL, yes he will, narcissists always have an excuse.

  • Swoll Francis

    can a guy with no personality make a personality-driven move?

    Ponder, grasshopper.

    • steveg

      excellent comment, I agree 100%

    • Kiffin’s a narcissist, Pola dared to challenge him, narcissist’s don’t like that, so he canned him. So yes, it was a personality driven move.

  • steveg

    Wow Wolfie, you have the news media on the edge of its seat awaiting any further information you may have.

    • Then why do you continually come here ?

  • steveg

    Okay Wolf for starters passing will go down from the 3670 yards of last season, which is actually somewhat dismal, rushing will go up slightly above the 1958 yards gained in 2012 because Redd is back, the line will improve (theoretically)
    and we will rush more because of our poor passing game, irregardless of who is at QB. And of course, the clock management will continue to suck, play calling will be horrible and slow coming in, and motivation overall will be down. Other than that I am looking forward to a great season.

  • grave soul

    Since the topic of ignorance and bigotry was just brought up again after another humdinger of an epithet by a usc fan on this blog, I had almost forgotten about the “White Nation” incident at usc a few years back, wherein players “joked” about their allegiance to the Arian (sic) race. Here’s a site that refreshes everybody’s memories on the hickishness that is usc:
    deadspin dot co(m) /242676/

    Ignorance On, TrollJans!!

    • TrojanFan

      Lame! wrong blog!

      • grave soul

        Haha! Why are you even worried about what I wrote, TFail? After all, others already exposed the fact that you are a bandwagon fan that attended CSU Bakersfield. Don’t get all hurt and maybe write something original and relevant next time.

        • TrojanFan

          Wrong school, nice try!…..go troll your grandma’s panties, the aroma will stimulate your senses

          PS…..Been attending USC football games for over 20 years, hardly a bandwagon fan, once again nice try!

          • grave soul

            For once, you’re right. You’re a proud grad of Cal Poly SLO, you live in BFNevada, and you never set foot at usc as a student. Shall I post more info?
            As I wrote before, just another sc bandwagon fan! (and the numbers are dwindling now that USC sucks at football).
            MUSTANG ON, TFail!!

          • Jethro G Sabbath

            Grave soul,

            You started out so innocent and objective here. Now you are showing real signs of anger and malice.
            What gives?

          • grave soul

            No anger here. Although, you guys have some real boneheads representing your fair school.
            What gives?

          • TrojanFamily

            That representative was Clay Matthews. He’s done a pretty fair job representing USC in the NFL. His father and uncle did as well. Some 20 year olds make mistakes in college, and learn from them. Others become bitter 40 year olds posting on their rivals blogs.

          • i for one find this info FASCINATING!!! Jezro you used to be all about uncovering commentator’s origins and backgrounds, what happened to you all a sudden??

            Grave, tell us more!! CSU Bakersfield, really?? that fills in some blanks, all right!!

          • TrojanFan

            Go back to your game of butt darts, idiot

            Grave, tell us more!! CSU Bakersfield, really??

          • Jethro G Sabbath


            Despite your recent weasel-like tactics, I have a proposal for you: There is a men’s intercollegiate basketball match Sunday Feb. 24 between USC and UCLA. I challenge you to a loser leaves this site/blog (Inside USC with Scott Wolf) and never posts here again. If UCLA wins, I never post again and if USC wins you never post again. This would apply to any and all screen names that we have ever used and no new ones could be used after the fact. This will be much simpler in the event that UCLA wins as I have only ever used one name. I don’t know why I should trust you but for some strange reason I will.

            Considering the respective histories and current states of the two basketball programs I am the one seriously sticking my neck out here. With your constant posting about the sad state of affairs that is Trojan basketball (fired coach, dumb players, apathetic fans, laughing stock, etc. etc. etc.) you would really be showing a complete lack of juevos not to accept this wager.
            Will you stand proudly behind your University with its eleven NCAA titles, stern, no-nonsense, final four reaching, timeout calling coach and number one rated recruiting class or will you remain here and continue to call people names?

            What say you, C-Buck?

          • TrojanFan

            No shame in my game, nice try! The only point you’re making is how big of a fuking idiot you are, we are all laughing at your pathetic a$$

            PS….My wife is a USC grad, fill in the blanks

          • grave soul

            Look above. I did fill in the blanks.

          • TrojanFan

            Wow!….that one fly over your head

        • Independent_George

          Gee, dredging up 5 year old issues involving the lame sense of humor of college jocks. How Bruins Nation of you.

          At least Bucket and Sped are clever and occasionally make decent points.

          Better trolls, please.

  • TrojanFan

    Hey wolfman, give it a rest you’re beating a dead horse. Post some relevant news, like what’s going on with the players that enrolled early

  • wrong

    Which is it? Your rumors aren’t even consistent. First KP doesn’t show up for the recruiting dinner because he knows he won’t be returning. Then he doesn’t know anything until he sees it online (after the recruiting dinner) and is shocked. And now, the “firing” was personality driven?

    Do you even know when his contract was due to expire? Wait a second, that would assume you actually know something or have real sources.

    Stop making accusations and assumptions and hiding behind “rumor has it” or “after talking with sources”. Are you too busy with something else to do your job well? Or have your actual sources dried up so much that you’re scrambling to find anything worth writing about.

    Obviously you’re not getting any relevant or accurate information about football or basketball or baseball. Try to dig up something else of interest in the off-season – like pedal-gate, or a song-girl conspiracy, or something. Maybe some unknown secrets behind Lacrosse or Women’s sand volleyball. If you’re going to provide trashy reporting then you might as well choose something interesting that USC fans might not have reason to think about otherwise. At least that way you’ll be unique, but in a good way and oddly educational.

    • Cheap seats

      Did you see USC’s response to this nonsense?

      “In regards to the story posted today in the Daily News about Lane Kiffin and Kennedy Polamalu, there are a number of inaccuracies in the reporting.

      Of note, Kiffin and Polamalu DID converse several times both before and after Polamalu was released last week from his coaching duties. The article, which cites nothing but unnamed “sources” throughout, mistakenly states that “Kiffin never called him and still hasn’t spoken to him regarding his dismissal.”

      Furthermore, the article asserts again via unnamed “sources” that Kiffin and Polamalu had a “heated argument” two days before the Sun Bowl in El Paso. No such exchange occurred.

      At no time did the author of this story attempt to contact Lane Kiffin to verify the accuracy of these claims.”