Pitt Coach Jamie Dixon Tops USC Search

Several sources confirmed Pittsburgh coach Jamie Dixon is atop USC’s list of candidates to replace Kevin O’Neill. Last week I reported Harvard coach Tommy Amaker was also a top candidate but Amaker is not interested, sources said.

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  • Ben Factor

    I wonder what Amaker is thinking in his decision. Harvard? Great medical school, etc…but basketball?

    I don’t see why it should be impossible to develop a good program at USC. It would be one thing if UCLA were coached by a really great coach. But it doesn’t look to be the case.

    Look how fast Mora brought UCLA up in football, with USC going through a variety of struggles.

    Am I missing something?

    • TrojanFamily

      Amaker turned down a job with the Miami Hurricanes as well. His wife teaches at Harvard med school. Bi-coastal marriages are difficult, and he’s consistently said he wants to stay at Harvard. Most reporters speculate his wife’s job is the reason why.

      • Ben Factor

        Thanks for the info. High-powered couple, huh?

        Between the demands on her time, and the demands he would face at USC, an enduring, happy marriage would get long odds on the Las Vegas line.

        • MichiganTrojan

          This conversation is much too reasonable for this blog. Look about two posts down to Charles Bucket – you’re actually trying to sort things, but what you should be doing is competing for the top of the dunghill, the Scott Wolf way. Come on!

          • TrojanFamily

            The worst thing is, Wolf has yet to report on Amaker’s wife’s position at Harvard. He prefers to insinuate that Amaker is not interested because the USC job is unattractive rather than the likely actual reason (since that is what was reported when he turned down Miami).

  • ThaiMex

    I don’t get it….Tommy Amaker, All American Player at Duke, coaching experience at Duke, Seton Hall, Michigan and Harvard, NOT INTERESTED in the Head Coaching Position at “The Stanford of the West”, SUCk? How the heck did that happen? How could he turn down the opportunity to follow in the LEGENDARY FOOT STEPS of Floyd (the Cheat), and O’Neil (the tragedy)???? How ’bout all them BANNERS, and The Drapes (can’t possibly forget mentioning the SMELL OF WINO URINE!). Tommy would make a great addition. With his background, I know he has a LOYAL fan base/following. Somebody tell Tommy he can bring all his friends, they can all get in FREE, sit Courtside, because there’s NOBODY ELSE THERE!
    Maybe we can get one of the Boosters with a private Jet (nubsie?) to fly Tommy out here so he can see for himself, what a winning tradition looks like,…..JUST IN TIME FOR WATER POLO!
    RAH RAH RAH on Torgan!
    fit UN!

    • ARRRRGH!!!

      another humiliating kick to the trOXans’ crotch!!!!

      you know, that line never seems to get old!!!


      • rusoviet

        What about woodie? I’m getting one just thinking about him in that sarcophagus of his…..hmmmm……woodie……hmmmmm….

        • listen guy, i’m not sure what your shooting for, but it ain’t making it!! are you supposed to be russian? crazy? gay? or what??

          look, we all have roles here.
          i am the Handsome, Witty, Intellectual guy.
          Jethro is the Crazy Conspiracy guy
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          wolf is the intrepid reporter guy
          SPED is the Sensible Funny guy
          Lawyer John was the Always Wrong, Red A$$ guy

          so get with it, man! choose something already and STICK TO IT!!

          • rusoviet

            No sailor – you’re the back end of a horse backing out of a barn i.e. you’re a ‘bel-airian’ twerp – if others here who claim to be actual or false USC alums like your idiocy in mocking Troy so be it – that’s on them.

            You’re a clown and you need to move your tail in front of that ‘Siamese-Hispanic”s ‘head’ faster as he does for you – go post on your state funded goof board we’re all forced to pay for.

          • ok so you’re going with the Crazy Gay guy….

            good luck with your new character, i’m sure you’ll do very well, and good luck to you…so long your interests do not conflict with mine.

          • Jethro G Sabbath


            Have you added a couple of new characters recently?

          • and they say i repeat myself.


          • Jethro G Sabbath

            484 posts at last count on the Bucket account alone.
            Yeah, I think you might repeat yourself.

          • Jezro, speaking of data analysis, 35 of your 40 posts are about Bucket and not wolf’s post!! now that’s pure obsession!! lets face it, you cant QUIT me!!

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          • Jethro G Sabbath

            Chuck, Chuck, Chuck,

            Further examination of the 35 posts you mention shows that many are directed at ThaiMex, Grave Soul, Count, Yoda and not at Bucket.
            Thanks for finally confirming that all of these accounts originate from the same keyboard.

          • (blushing) well you THOUGHT they were Bucket.

            so what about joining the Cadre??

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            get back to me by EOB today, i just got an email from UCLA ROB, who is returning from a broad.

      • rusoviet

        What about woodie? I’m getting one just thinking about him in that sarcophagus of his…..hmmmm……woodie……hmmmmm….

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      How about you, Thai, cheerful fellow that you are. How confident are you that your mighty Bruins can beat The Trojans Sunday? Care to make a wager on it or do you just talk incessantly?

  • wow! Jaime Dixon!!! go for it trOXans!!! meanwhile, i’ll get to work scheduling Phil Jackson and Pat Riley for interviews as a back up plan!!!


    why is my Spider Sense telling me Bob Can’tdo is gonna be around for a few more seasons???


    • TrojanFamily

      Can’tdo what? Beat UCLA at the new Pauley? Seems like he did that just fine. I admit, USC isn’t very good this year. What does that say about the Bruins that they can’t defend their own floor against a ad Trojan team?

  • betomas

    Amaker is set up really nice at Hahvad. Why would he want to leave a primo job for not but uncertainty under Puss in Boots Haden?

    • marvgoux1

      So much potential, like the Lakers in 1979 when Dr Buss took over.

  • steveg


  • steveg

    I see the tolls are still with us. Did they actually contribute? Nah, no, zero, nada.

  • Isn’t Dixon Ben Howland lite ?