Rumor Of The Day

There’s been talk since last week about Atlanta Falcons and former Fresno State coach Pat Hill being a candidate for USC’s offensive line position. Well, Hill’s wikipedia page currently says he is the offensive line coach at USC.

Just someone messing with Hill’s bio or a real switch? We’ll find out soon.

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  • NoMercy

    A week late to the game again. Did you forget to pay your annual insider info premium on the other boards?

  • NoMercy

    Burger king tastes good.

  • Gilligan

    When did Wikipedia become a valid informational source? I can’t believe journalism is weak on this site.

  • TrojanFamily

    If I may make a suggestion, Mr.Wolf.
    You could call Pat Hill and ask him if he has been hired.
    You could call Lane Kiffin, Pat Haden, or perhaps one of your “sources” at Heritage Hall and ask.
    Or you could be happy with what Chuckles the Bucket Clown would call a “sweet scoooooop” and rely on your google search and wikipedia.

    • Martin is not back yet

    • Cheap seats

      That would be too responsible!

      Scott reminds me of the character “Puck” from Real World: trying too hard to be a “bad boy”. While Jim Rome, Stephen A., and others made their name with controversial stories (i.e. – getting pushed by Jim Everett), Scott forgets that they are actually good personalities.

    • Ben Factor

      You’re not wrong. He could make one quick call, wait three hours, then write the same story, adding that that his “confirmation call” to Pat Hill was not returned. His journalistic stature would grow, and the time investment would be negligible. I don’t get it.

      • TrojanFamily

        His only actual reporting was that Pat Hill’s Wikipedia page was updated to indicate he was working at USC. There was no other piece of information referenced in this post. Everything else was just speculation.

        So if we were to change Lane Kiffin’s Wikipedia page to say he was the illegitimate father of Scott Wolf, would Wolf report it?

        • Ben Factor

          Nah, they don’t look that much alike.

    • Ben Factor

      Oops, he’d have to call Heritage Hall as well. Still, not much time investment.

  • leon Sanchez

    We now know your “sources”!

  • betomas

    This is some BStrappy style reporting, if you know what I mean…give P. Hill a call and substantiate the rumors or bury them.

    • TrojanFan

      Hey betomas, we need you to contact your sources and verify this

  • Independent_George

    I think Scott has given up for Lent practicing journalism.

  • Swoll Francis

    Now that’s what I call a wiki-leak!

  • NoMercy

    Pizza tastes yummy.

    • Cheap seats

      Nard dog?

  • TroyFan52

    Good coach leaving a good situation in Atlanta to come abroad a wrecked ship with a head coach who makes new enemies daily and can’t keep a quality staff and who also might be the lamest duck in the history of lame ducks?????? I doubt it. Or, maybe he sees a window of opportunity to maybe be a candidate to be the heir to the throne????? Who knows anymore. I know I want Pat Fitzgerald at the helm……

  • TrojanFamily

    Of course Rich Hammond is reporting that USC has hired Mike Summers as Offensive line coach. He read it on Zach Banner’s twitter welcoming Coach Summers (since deleted) then cited CBS Sports. As Chuckles our resident Bucket Clown might suggest, water covers 70% of the world, Scott Wolf covers the rest (so long as it is on a Wikipedia page).