The New And Improved Pac-12

USC and UCLA will play each other twice this week because the Pac-12 decided in the offseason to move its women’s tournament up a week, supposedly to draw more interest and not compete against that mighty men’s tournament.

It causes an awkward where the Trojans host UCLA tonight and then travel to Westwood on Sunday.

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  • TrojanFamily

    “It causes an awkward.” So awkward is now a noun rather than an adjective?

    • ThaiMex

      You’ve been here a lot lately. You still in the business of selling Helmets and drool bibs to Jerry and his kids?
      Fit on Torgan!

      • TrojanFamily

        Sad to say, Chuckles, you have me confused with someone else. You also need to recall common grammar on capitalization and spelling (unless of course that is your shtick with this character).

        • Cheap seats

          Is Bucket really Mexican and Thai?