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If Matt Barkley’s not ready to throw at the NFL combine, why did USC need to wait until right before the Sun Bowl to rule him out? Does that mean it was all gamesmanship leading up to the bowl game? Or are Barkley’s agents just against him throwing at the combine and using his shoulder as an excuse?

Questions, questions.

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  • The reason I heard from others is there is no point to throw at the combine, unless you’re already projected very low and have nowhere to go but up. It is much more beneficial to throw at your pro day, with receivers you’re familiar with, and with a program that can be tailored to your particular strengths.

    That being said, his physicians have stated he is at 90%, and would have thrown at the combine if he had idiots like Wolf as his advisers and agents.

    • TrojanFamily

      Absolutely. No top prospects throw at the combine. This is not about the injury but instead it is the new trend among draftees in the NFL

      • WingsHD

        I’m with you, I don’t know what the big deal is with the scouts and all the trolls. Hardly any of the top QB’s throw at the combine. They all wait for their pro day. Barkley’s I believe is in March.

    • betomas

      If you’ve got talent at the level of Luck or RG3 and you end the season winning most of your games, then you don’t throw at the combine. Period.
      If you’re in limbo like Barkley and your team (largely w/ your help, or lack thereof) lost most all of its last games, then you throw at the combine.
      After all, IF Bark throws badly at the combine, he can always blame it on his injured shoulder, right guys?
      It’s extremely silly to compare Barkley to truly top QB prospects, even if QB prospects are scarce this year.

      • gotroy22


      • Jethro G Sabbath

        What time zone are you in?

      • As bad as Barkley is or is perceived to be, he is still easily a top 5 prospect. There isn’t a lot of room above him to move up. Why even throw at the combine, when there is literally no reason to. Any performance at the combine will be even better at usc pro day. It’s pointless – kind of like this argument.

        • marvgoux1

          Top 5? He’s immobile, short and now he’s got a damaged shoulder.

          • Sorry, I meant top-5 QB.

  • Bill

    He has already been exposed as an overhyped pUSC and doesn’t want to be exposed at a combine. If he can’t hit a moving golf cart, he won’t hit his receivers whether he is familiar with them or not!

  • TrojanFan

    Hey wolfman, you got this all backwards, we ask the questions, you post the answers………quit being lazy, do some investigative journalism

    • marvgoux1

      When he does you scream bloody murder.

      • TrojanFan

        Are you brain dead or what? Go ahead and drink the wolfman koolaid, the guy asks more questions than he legitimately answers

      • When has he ever done investigative journalism, and not just speculation?

        • marvgoux1

          On the locker room fight after the Sun Bowl disaster. And the Sunshine Pumpers attacked him for using “sources”.

          • MichiganTrojan

            The “fight” where no punches were thrown? Not that that was important at the time, or, you know 3 weeks after the game actually took place. Really groundbreaking stuff, very thought-provoking, lots of details, people to cross-reference, all that good stuff – sportswriting on par with the best of intentions and methods. Marv Goux would be proud of your defense of this objective journalist.

          • marvgoux1

            Quit making excuses for Lane losing control of the team and allowing the team to become racked with dissension. There’s a reason why the team collapsed after the Stanford loss and rah rahs like you don’t want to deal with it. Silencing a writer from the Daily News won’t make Kiffin’s inability to coach go away.

  • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

    He should have asked Anthony Barr to throw in his stead.

    • TrojanFan

      wrong blog,idiot!

    • TrojanFamily


    • Independent_George

      Not bad.

      Now that’s what I mean by “better trolls, please.”

  • ThaiMex

    and….”This Just in” (no….not another story about Nubsie playing “Hide the WEENIE” w/ amir)….Looks like Goat Boy found a running back coach and currently unemployed, Tommie Robinson is the guy. Perfect fit for SCUm…Tommie majored in Criminal Justice!….
    Word of advice to tommie……Wherever you end up living…it’s probably best to RENT! (because @ LIMBO U…there’s only one way to go…..LOWER!)

    fit on torgans

    • TrojanFamily

      There is a bridge that apparently tonight is getting an Internet connection under it.

    • Boring

    • TrojanFan

      Please refocus and get a life, idiot

    • rusoviet

      Hey ‘tapette’ ‘buck boy’ is over there in the ‘blue’ powder room wantin’ a playah’….you got mojo fruitman – time to so get it on and bang that gong’ in westwood…..

      kickin’ and lickin’ be tapette

  • Ben Factor

    “Questions, questions”? No, silly questions.

    Let’s turn the page already.

    What’s the deal on Kessler? Why is he always handicapped last? Is it fair? How far can he throw with accuracy and decent velocity? Is he better in the pocket than Wittek? What are his strengths? His weaknesses?

    Does anyone else think that Max Browne looks too frail to play college football in 2013? To my eye, he better have the fast release of Dan Marino, or a year in the weight room.

    I read that Wittek was always streaky. Is that true? Do QBs overcome that? How?

    • I like the idea of Kessler. A smart leader, who is also mobile. Of course this “idea” might not match up to reality. It’s interesting that both QBs came the same year. I can’t remember two top QB recruits coming the same year to the same school. And now with Browne, what happens if Kessler or Wittek plays lights out in 2013? I don’t see this guy sitting for 3 years. Of course if either played lights out, they could go pro as soon as after this next season, but I don’t see that happening.

      • Ben Factor

        As you observe, what is the reality of Kessler? If he doesn’t have a college arm, no one ever says it. If he does, then smart and mobile sound very appealing, especially given the state of the OL.

        Without much better OL play, I doubt we’ll see lights-out QB play. I have read assertions that USC was afraid to send the TEs on pass routes. That won’t cut it.

        IMHO, any QB who plays great at USC as a junior is pretty foolish not to enter the draft. If Leinart weren’t enough evidence, we now have Barkley. And I don’t think that Sanchez needed another year at USC. He needed to get out of the underwear ads and get to work, rather than sleep during NY Jet QB meetings. As you wrote, it’s much harder to play QB in the NFL, and you might as well start up the learning curve, especially at those pay rates.

        Plus, even if K or W is really great, and Browne won’t wait, how far away is the next great QB recruit? A parade of star QBs. A pro-style college system. The #24 rating in USNews, the girls, the weather, the beaches, the media. it’s good to be the king, and it’s good to be the USC QB!

        • marvgoux1

          You are right, the Baby QB is coming soon, and eventualy Super Baby, Matt Leinart’s son.

    • Golden Trojan

      Spring ball should be pretty fun to see how these guys play it out.

      • marvgoux1

        Will one transfer or do they stay and sit like Cassell?

  • Michigan Trojan

    And if Barkley chose to throw we’d be getting a blog post to the extent of –

    “Given how little the combine means for the draft prospects of (supposedly) the two best QBs in the draft, you have to wonder if Barkley choosing to throw was a mistake. I wonder who advised him to throw? Here’s betting it involved some of the same people who told him coming back for his senior year was a good idea.”

    • Golden Trojan

      Are you Wolf’s ghost writer?

  • the Cadre read the Pious Passer like a book from day ONE.

    but witteck makes HIM look like a superstar!!!

    Southern Cal, where Number 1’s go to UN!!!

    fit on!!

    • TrojanFan

      When are you going to turn the page? Please release the repeat bottom, thank you!

    • rusoviet

      Hey sugah time to go to your blue powder room and sniff a back end like all good brewies love to do – you and siam-hispanic hmmmmmm