USC Morning Buzz

Before Mike Summers got hired yesterday, the USC assistant coach making news was Ed Orgeron. OK, not news, but he did an interview here where he said, “I’m a Trojan and I’m not wavering from that. I’m here.”

I’m sure Kennedy Polamalu would have said the same thing about three weeks ago.

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  • dtksr1

    As of right now, Ed Orgeron intends to stay where he is. You can ask him the same question 20 more times and the answer will be the same. What is accomplished with this?

  • Joe Blow

    I wish Ed would punch you in the face.

  • Ben Factor

    If Kiffin were to fire Orgeron, it would confirm his death wish, or it would be chance to show off his superior contrarian overview and vision. Probably the former. :)