About The Offensive Coordinator Search

Looks like Clay Helton is still headed toward being offensive coordinator. How come this search much-less extensive than hiring an offensive line coach?
Is it because Clay Helton won’t call plays even if he gets promoted?

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  • “How come this search much-less extensive than hiring an offensive line coach?” – google translate could not comprehend this sentence. please rephrase for the rest of the english speaking world.

    • grave soul

      Oh my! Where did Wolf learn how to write like that?

      • Spedjones

        You know the answer! SC Baby!

        • TrojanFamily

          Sped, I give a good line it’s due. The Journalism school has to regret giving him his gentleman’s C. I know I do.

        • grave soul

          I sure do know the answer, Sped. On a daily basis, we observe the evidence of bad usc-taught writing strewn on the pages of this handy blog .

  • oh you know you’re dead right, wolfman!!!

  • SweetScoopOShyte

    Are you asking me or Shyte Bucket?

  • Helton is a puppet. Pola didn’t want to be a puppet anymore, so he’s free and better off.

  • steveg

    So Tommie Robinson is going to coach running backs? You heard it here LAST!
    That makes Clay Helton oc. Who is play caller?

  • Ben Factor

    Scott has highlighted the issue. Does Kiffin see value and have plans to really collaborate with a strong second mind on offensive strategy (including playcalling and more), or does he want to continue his reportedly insular methods regarding offense?

    We don’t know much about Helton’s ability. It’s not all over the internet, anyway. He majored in math, so he probably has a structured, logical approach to his thinking.

    Scott wrote that Helton just called “down and distance” to Kiffin from the press box in 2012. True? If Helton added a lot to strategy, that was kept concealed.

    Kiffin’s strategies in 2012 were not terribly successful. Kiffin’s strategies should be subjected to internal critique by and discussion with competent staff. If Kiffin intends such critique and discussion, and if Helton is competent, great! If not, it’s up to Pat Haden to make it happen. Otherwise, Haden becomes a negligent accomplice in mediocrity. Enough of that, already.

    • Ben Factor

      How’s that for sunshine pumping, Ben D.?

    • Cheap seats

      Was offense really a bigger issue than the defense who couldn’t tackle?

      When 50+ points ends up in a LOSS?

    • I wouldn’t mind if Kiffin truly wanted to mentor and build up both Helton and Martin, like Carroll did with Sark and Kiffin.

      • Ben Factor

        I wouldn’t mind at all–if Helton and Martin are good strategists, and worthy collaborators. I don’t think that Kiffin is built to deal with people in that way.

        It seems pretty clear that Kiffin is not a self-sufficient offensive wizard. In post-game interviews, he or Woods or some player would state that the defense did something unexpected. There is a “best methods” countermeasure for every defense, and Kiffin didn’t seem to be prepared. I don’t see any excuse for that. Kiffin is self-destructive if he doesn’t make it a priority to remedy it.

        If it were I, I would scour the terrain for someone at least as capable as I were, ideally more capable, Maybe it is Helton, and the word is not out yet. There would be a lot of self-scouting, as well as analyzing the opponent. We would analyze how to scheme against their tendencies, and against our tendencies. Then, we would develop our base plan, and our response if they try to take this away, or that away. And I would count on the asst. to sit above the fray, and do most of the heavy lifting during the game. That way, I could stay on the players’ level, and make them feel appreciated and supported. If you’re preoccupied with analysis during a game, you can’t do that. And someone has to do it–that’s for sure. These are kids, not 30-YO professionals.
        That was Carroll’s wizardry–even though he had been an NFL guy, he understood that he was working with kids at USC. I think that’s why he could win the BIG games. He knew how to elicit their best in those games.

  • Oldschoolsc

    Kiffen is 0-11 when trailing by 7 or more that stats tells all I need to know about him calling plays