Ed Orgeron Is Happy

So you should be too. USC defensive line coach Ed Orgeron did another installment with the school’s website and said, “One of the things that we figured out, Lane (Kiffin) and I, was that we needed to get a better scheme against the spread.”

That will no doubt be a relief to fans.

“I really feel we’re headed in the right direction. I am totally excited about everything that’s going on at USC,” Orgeron said.

Do you agree?

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  • Getting a LB coach might be a good start there Eddie

  • TrojanFamily

    Scott, do you realize you troll your own board? What news are you posting here? What insight are you offering? You are inviting your readers to attack Orgeron for, what, stating he is working on a scheme to stop the spread? That he is excited about his job?

    • TrojanFan

      This blog should be called “Outside USC”

      • betomas

        Calm down, BandwagonFan…lest we smoke you out and again talk about how you never set foot at USC as a student…go back to Cal Poly SLOOOW, you fake wannabe Trojan!

    • gotroy22

      That he is excited he is still working at SC.

  • Spedjones

    Laughing that they just figured this out.

    • TrojanFan

      I’m still laughing at you, you’re a ruin troll that likes to hide out in the closet.

      • TrojanFamily

        Don’t kick the troll. It’s cold today under the ridge where he lives. Have some sympathy.

  • Ted

    Getting depth at all positions is the answer not scheme. Restiriction of Southern Cal that only allow to sign half a dozen or so guys is the problem not the scheme. First problem is the sanctions, second is instability of Kiffin and rest of the staff that made kids de-commit is what the problem is not the scheme. Defense is not gonna get better when there are no players to fill the scheme.

  • Ted

    Bottom line is get rid of the lying and cheating “little brat like” Kiffin and get an adult to coach the team. Change of culture is needed not scheme. I personally think they should have offered Pat Hill the head coaching job not the OL job. Pat Hill at Southern Cal will do much better then Kiffin.

  • steveg

    So far I like the changes in coaching staff. I hope it continues with a new play caller.

  • Totally!!

    TOTALLY excited even though all his recruits left him cryin’ in the rain?? or TOTALLY excited to still have his job??

    OMG, the Agin’ Cajun TOTALLY sounds like a teenage girl!!!


  • oh yeah, thanks for the Sweeeet Scooops, wolfman!! TOTALLY!!

    • TrojanFan


  • TroyFan52

    I buy what Orgeron is saying, but I still don’t trust Kiff running the show.

  • RememberTheFreedomBowl

    The 2008 defense had no problem with Masoli & Oregon. The 2009 defense got torched with the same scheme against Masoli & Oregon. It’s ain’t the scheme Eddie.

  • ThaiMex

    “we needed a better scheme against the spread”…Is that what he really said or..
    “we needed a better team fig-tech is dead”
    I don’t get it….
    You’ve got the Best Head Coach in the Game
    The Best Assistants in the Game (upgrades everywhere,hahahahaha)

    The Best 13 recruits in the Nation
    Top 4 recruiting Classes the last 6 years
    Heritage Haul
    and you’ve got The “WOW” Factor (as in…WOW, there’s Razor wire everywhere!)
    I just don’t get it.
    Paralegal…..”you’ve some splaining’ to do”!
    fit on torgans! (don’t worry….”just checked and “Thin is In”)

    • TrojanFamily

      Did you check that at your local library–the one located under the bridge you call home? Free-styling trolls are actually rather amusing. If you drop a bass line behind this you could be MC Troll

    • Thai, you are taking your already solid game to a whole ‘nother level!!!

      te levanto, hombre!!!

      • TrojanFamily

        Chuckles, having one of your characters praising the other for trolldom isn’t fresh. It’s rather sad. Did you invent invisible friends as a child as well, since no one would talk to you?

    • Boring

  • betomas

    “I really do believe that Lane Kiffin is gonna do a great job for the University of Southern California…we are gonna get this thing fixed…” -Ed O. (1:54)

    All of a sudden I believe Ed (not really).