• I’d flip that…

    • Ben Factor

      If Woods’s ankle hasn’t hurt his speed and can hold up, I will be surprised if he doesn’t play a lot in the NFL. He treats it like a job, and he treats himself as a work in progress. There is generally upside to that type of person.

  • betomas

    Barkley is especially overrated in that report.

  • Cheap seats

    Sure hope Woods ends up better than M. Williams & Jerett. His stock sure took a hit.

  • Spedjones

    What exactly happened to woods other than his ankle? Guy should be top 10 pick, but Lane seems to have killed him. Datone!

    • Sped, i shudder to imagine how many Toradol shots they put into the poor kid’s ankle over the last two seasons just so her could serve as a decoy for Lee….it may be a few more seasons before the ankle is sound again. un-fing-believable.

    • Cheap seats

      During Woody’s best year of 2011, he had several garbage games where he’d pad his numbers. He didn’t have that luxury last year as many games were close and teams finally were playing that dreaded WR screen better.

      I thought your boy Rosario was going to do better after going to the NFL. He seemed to have everything — but I guess the attitude was too much of a liability.

      • marvgoux1

        Rosario? You can’t be serious.

        • Cheap seats

          Yes.. the guy had Prince and Brehaut throwing to him and still had 1,000 yards in Neuhisel’s pistol wanna-be offense.

          • marvgoux1

            Did you ever watch fulca? He was a slow and lumbering TE playing WR who could never get any separation from even average DBs. I loved it that Skippy played him because it ensured an easy victory.