• steveg

    On both hands, that is exactly as they should be.

  • Ben Factor

    Excerpts of the Athlon “analysis”:

    “The USC coaching staff has the ability to stock its roster with elite
    talent without ever having to jump on a plane.”
    -RUBBISH. If you doubt me, ask Coach O or Coach T for their respective business travel expense reports.

    “…the city does have another program with tremendous


    “…you are in the most fertile recruiting area in the country.”

    -RUBBISH. That would be Florida, other locales in the Southeast, and, arguably, Texas. How about: “…you are in the most fertile recruiting area in the Pac-12.”


    1. You are in the middle of very harsh NCAA recruiting and roster sanctions.

    2. L.A. fans are impatient and disloyal. They’re onto the next best thing in, ironically, a New York minute. This is not Eugene, Oregon, or someplace like that. You can get on the hot seat very quickly.

    3. It’s a media fishbowl, which is a two-edged sword.

    4. Greater parity is coming to the Pac-12, because of TV revenue sharing, and the need for “football” to earn money to pay for a lot of non-revenue college sports.

    5. Every Pac-12 member in California is a very good university. Stanford has become serious about football, and is potentially a greater national recruiter than Notre Dame, because it is essentially an Ivy League college that plays big-time football (moms like that kind of stuff). Cal is a sleeping giant. It’s in a great location and, to most observers, it’s a superior university to UCLA and USC. UW is in a nice city, and it’s just a notch below the California schools as a university.

    BOTTOM LINE: Lane Kiffin has it really good, if he does a really good job. But wait: the same is true for Jim Mora, it was true for Chip Kelly and is for Helfrich, it’s true for Sark, it’s true for Shaw.

    Could it be that mom was right, that life really is what you make it?

    • How about: the other program has great potential, just like its had the last 50 YEARS and still second fiddle yo USC.