Winners And Losers Of The Week


New assistant coaches Mike Summers and Mike Ekeler: A big pay raise and big step up from Kentucky and Indiana.

USC football players: Coaching staff should be complete for start of spring practice.

Bob Cantu: Won four of past five games and few noticed loss to Cal because Mike Montgomery shoved Allen Crabbe.

Matt Barkley: Measured above 6-2 at NFL combine.

Robert Woods: Thrilled to be at combine and away from a certain coach.


Matt Barkley: Did not throw as expected at NFL combine.

Khaled Holmes: Strained chest muscle at the NFL combine.

NCAA: Under siege this week for missteps with Miami investigation, which makes USC sanctions look even more draconian.

Season ticket holders: Slapped with $35 Coliseum improvement fee and then there is the parking pass situation.

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  • Whenever I think about how corrupt the NCAA is, I can always take solace that fathog Paul Dee is six feet deep in some redneck grave. Now if only the others in that committee will hurry up and die, I’ll actually be quite okay.

    • ThaiMex

      Way to keep it CLASSY Torgans…
      fit on U Stupid Clowns

      • TrojanFamily

        What is a Torgan? Sorry, I don’t speak troll.

  • Also, if anyone can tell me where Fatty Dee’s grave is, please tell me. I’d love to take a piss on it.

    • TrojanFan

      Word on the street, they put a bottomless outhouse over it

  • Bru-Crew_UCLA

    Just another example how the “East Coast Bias” is alive and doing well. The U aka sc east should have gotten a 10 ton anvil dropped on them with all that Drama they were involved in from the AD down the the water boy. sc got slapped the way they did for a few reasons; one is because they didn’t wanna play ball with the NCAA and fall on the sword regarding Reggie Bush-league.

    The NCAA is an Organized Criminal Operation. How do they conceivably qualify as a nonprofit entity? The Government should wake up and put an end to the way the NCAA does business……… business as usual that is………… .

    • E-tu, BruCrew.. Good post.

    • TrojanFan

      I have to agree with you

  • Gilligan

    I would like to know (it would be nice if a journalist actually talked to the USC administration) why USC hasn’t requested an independent audit on the NCAA to determined to ensure that the NCAA investigation was performed within guidelines and that the NCAA didn’t violate rules.
    If I am Haden I would void any future scholarship restrictions until the audit is complete because based on the Miami investigation, the NCAA did not follow its own internal protocol and who’s to say that USC was also a victim. If the NCAA refuses the audit I would challenge them in court. Either way I am not sure why USC and Haden are scare to challenge the NCAA because the Miami case has shown that they are willing to break the rules.

    • marvgoux1

      Independent audit? The only thing ruin Rick Neuheisel ever did right was sue the NCAA and that ship has sailed. Too late now, Gilligan. We have one more year of scholie sanctions and it’s done.

      • Ben Factor

        I have the same impression. 20 scholarships next year. It’s not worth becoming a thorn in the NCAA’s side. By Pat Haden cultivating the NCAA, showing an interest in the issues that concern the NCAA, becoming a voice in policy, Haden has bought some good will for USC. Don’t throw it away for negligible gain.

        • marvgoux1

          Yes we won’t have to worry about then for at least another decade and maybe we can have Pat become the president of the NCAA.

          • rusoviet

            Yeah but it’s the reason – you me and all the other boyos waste our time on this website and Pat Haden well seems like the plan he made for life panned out because he had a plan for life instead of the ‘plan’ that life had for the rest of us mopes.

  • James Carr

    Loser: Scott Wolf, and that will never change.
    Please quit this blog Wolf and work for the National Enquirer, a magazine that actually appreciates and prints trashy and made up stories such as the articles you write. The only reason I would ever come on this blog right now is only to voice my opinion that you should step down. If you did this, then I would visit a lot more often to get actual NEWS from your replacement

  • marvgoux1

    Scott forgot winner Mohammed Morsi, who put down a rebellion of pro-democracy protestors in Egypt and received tanks and jet fighters from the US.

    • Trojan Fan

      One odd thing is that Morsi, who of course a USC Alum, and member of the Muslim Brotherhood, is that he cannot speak a word of English.

      This is based on his interview with American journalists during which he completely relied on an interpreter. It appeared he could not understand the most basic English phrases. Are our degrees purchased or earned? Rather.

      • TrojanFamily

        Morsi speaks English. He relies on a translator for two reasons. First he gets to listen to the questions in English and formulates his thoughts during translation (a common tactic for political figures). Second he chooses to speak in Arabic exclusively publicly as a political statement to his population. But rest assured his English skills are considerably more advanced than you presuppose.

        • Trojan Fan

          Hmm. I also notice Charlie Bucket often uses French or Spanish phrases…my wife thinks he is just dreamy.

      • TrojanFamily

        FYI check out the NY Times blog about Morsi. They make the same point. 9/24/2012.

      • TrojanFamily

        FYI check out the NY Times blog about Morsi. They make the same point. 9/24/2012.

      • marvgoux1

        He’s pulling a Fernando Valenzuela!

  • TrojanFan


    Betomas: Lost his job and contact with the inside source, now works the swing shift at ampm, pathetic!