Halftime From Galen

UCLa is shooting 61 percent while the Trojans are mired at 33 percent and that’s why the Bruins lead 47-26 at the half. Jio Fontan, Renaldo Woolridge, J.T. Terrell and Byron Wesley are 3 for 17 on FGs.

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  • wow, not a singe PEEP of support for your team, eh, trOXans??

    it must SUCK to be a one dimensional school and SUCK in that one sport!!!

    UCLA will THREE-PEAT as Pac12 South football CHAMPEENS next year!!!

    AND UCLA will go to the SHOW in Basketball AND Baseball!!!

    Southern Cal?? when is the last time they even made it into postseason in ANY sport???? wow. you truly SUCK!!!!

    • TrojanFamily

      It’s not rabbit season. It’s not duck season. It’s troll season! The underside of bridges are overflowing and Chuckles has a net connection!!

      • ThaiMex

        STALKER alert!
        I’ll be your huckleberry!
        fit on torgan

    • ThaiMex

      Chuckie…Not good for Scotty if these KNUCKLEHEADS only come out after SUCks Wins….This place would be a Ghost Town. Fair Weather, front running RAH RAH’s….No need to worry Torgans, GOAT BOY has lined up and ALL-STAR Coaching Staff, and NEXT SEASON is gonna be DIFFERENT, because there’s absolutely NO WAY U Stupid Clowns start off the season as #1. You’ll start off UN-ranked and finish UN-ranked!
      LIMBO U, there’s no place like it!
      fit on torgan

  • betomas

    I’m glad I’m not watching this game. Sounds like bloody murder. I hope Puss in Boots PH is watching.

  • it is me, or does this Oraby guy look (and play) just like Mr Bean??

    • TrojanFamily

      Some trolls are clever. Others have stale takes like Chuckles. But all are trolls.

    • gotroy22

      He is The Sheik of Oraby!

    • SonOfWestwood

      Not just you Chuckie, I thought the exact same thing.

      I do like the “Sheik of Oraby” moniker though. That kid has got some game.

    • Trojan Fan

      OMG! He is a dead ringer! Does he make those funny noises when he shoots? (I should probably ask Nobs about that one!)