USC Guard J.T. Terrell On The Loss

“I didn’t feel as bad knowing we got the split (with UCLA),” USC guard J.T. Terrell said.

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  • ThaiMex

    That’s the difference between UCLA and U Stupid Clowns,,,,Satisfied with a split? Loser, loser, loser….go home!

    Larry Drew is a man of his word…he said he wanted to kill SCUm the next time they played…NO UNFINISHED BUSINESS here.

    Lastly…I’d like to thank all of my LOYAL Followers out there from S.outh C.entral. I appreciate your comments (thanks for following) and want you to know I’ll keep sending informative and clever posts on a regular basis. No RAH RAH stuff here,….There’s enough BAGDAD BOB wanna be’s here already.

    BTW…..Shout out to Chucker….You predicting UCLA WALKING ALL OVER SCUm was spot on….(just saying!…..WTF does “just saying” mean? I suppose its just another one of those “QUEER” Torgan things).
    fit on torgans….(water polo season is just around the corner)

    • TrojanFamily

      Troll homophobe

      • ThaiMex

        feels good about a split w/ the UCLA Bruins?

        Fit on, CELLAR DWELLER!

    • Boring

  • SonOfWestwood

    It’s not all doom and gloom for the torgans. That kid Oraby can play. With the right coaching, they can build a legit conference contending offense around the big man. He does need to learn some defensive footwork in the paint, but I predict a tournament berth for your guys in 2014.

    • Trojan Fan

      Tourney Birth? You mean there will be an All-Gay NIT in 2014? Cool! I’m going to start an Village People Cheerleading sqaud like in Longest Yard!

      You won’t believe the big finish between me and Nobs! Better have your cameras ready, you sweet bitches!