Can You Tell Lane Kiffin’s Background Is Offense?

USC’s reorganized coaching staff gives the offense six assistant coaches while the lean-and-mean defense is down to three assistants. Not to mention Lane Kiffin is really the offensive coordinator, which gives the offense seven coaches.

That seems an odd balance even if defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast is a genius and Ed Orgeron is the best defensive line coach in the world. Maybe this is what Kiffin means when he says he will pay more attention to the entire team instead of just focusing on Matt Barkley and Marqise Lee.

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  • Bulls’-eye, wolfman!! another humiliating kick to Kiff’s crotch!!

    you know, watching you pummel Kiff continuously since he crossed you is sometimes too brutal to watch, like when Drago pummeled Apollo Creed in IV, but then when you remember what a jerk Creed was in I, so you say, aw, go ahead and finish him off!!

    sorry, Kiff, wolfman must break you.

    • TrojanFan

      The only bulls eye you know is the one tattooed on you butt, tree house members use it for a game of butt darts….ouch!

      • WingsHD


  • dtksr1

    That’s exactly what he did the last 2 years… hire a DC and concentrate only on the offense. It appears so far…. that his only change of direction is hiring a college-experienced DC, replace a few position coaches and expect everyone to be satisfied. His head is still in the sand…

    • Kiffin’s head is somewhere but it ain’t the sand


  • betomas

    Let’s be real… Does anyone really believe any of this will work? I heard that new Cal coach Sonny Dykes thought that the overfocus by Kiff on coaching offense was “really silly” and that it could backfire in many ways.

    • TrojanFan

      You’re starting to sound like a Bruin troll. just saying!

      • betomas

        Why, because I’m sharing info and calling it like I see it? I’ve never been a fan who simply tows the line and agrees with whatever decisions an HC makes just because they’re HC. (By the way, you must not have read what the vast majority of people think about the use of “just saying.” Outdated much? You should Google it.)

        • TrojanFan

          Who cares what a rival coach thinks!…..Sharing lame outside info, keep it coming…..LOL!

  • Ben Factor

    There is a DL coach, an LB coach, and and DC who will coach the DBs. I suppose the DC could get a graduate assistant to help with the DBs. Did the DC coach prefer not to coach the DBs, and did Kiffin deny him a DB coach?

    We don’t know that. Maybe it will turn out as Scott suggests, with a poor defense hampered by too few coaches. It seems early to assume the worst about the defense.

    What is more worrisome at this time, or at least unknown, is whether Kiffin has hired the help that’s actually needed on the offensive side.