Mr. Versatile

New running backs coach Tommie Robinson is also USC’s “passing game coordinator.” Makes sense.

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  • betomas

    This SW post made me laugh sarcastically out of sheer frustration with Haden letting Kiff run amok.

    Does Kiff have any idea wtf he’s doing?

    • Sure does. He and Job Hopper are milking SC out of money and killing the dept in the process.

  • Swoll Francis

    before you can have a rebuilding year, you must have a few demolition years

  • As long as Kiffin is the Head Clown, the whole coaching staff is a circus.
    “Marqise, you go down to where the redheaded Songirl is and we’ll throw it to you.”

  • dtksr1

    Yeah I caught that too… Kiffin is losing it. You are the OC, but you don’t game plan or call plays. Now you have a passing coordinator who is in charge of the RBs. Perfectly sensible….. to a female!

    • ThaiMex

      “Perfectly sensible to a female”…….It’s all so clear to me now….You know…Playing TOUCH FOOTBALL during practice…
      touch football ON Torgans!

  • Gilligan

    Well on the bright side this type of logic seems to support my notion that USC will Kiffiin after next year and my guess is that Haden will also step down.

    Anyhoo, by the way isn’t this website supposed to have insider information on USC sports? Yet, no mention of what transpired during Junior Day or for that matter anything relevant. Where is the journalistic value?

  • Ben Factor

    It sounds as though each coach wants an additional title, and there are only so many of them, I guess.

    At the end of the day, the issue is Kiffin becoming receptive to ideas and approaches that he didn’t come up with. Last year, when things turned ugly, he just bulled ahead without looking at the situation clearly. Most commenters are skeptical about him, and I am, too. But you never know when someone gets beaten down enough to try a different way.

    I guarantee you that, at some level, Kiffin feels pretty beaten down–7-6, the last-minute decommitments, the polls that call for his head, the players’ and fans’ protest to firing KP, the negative reaction to not bringing in a new, strong OC, and so on. So, he may have taken enough hits to become more humble and willing.

    I remember when he first took the job, he stated publicly that, despite an appealing or objectionable personality, a squeaky clean or controversial personal history, etc., it would, in the end, be all about “the W’s”. I thought then that he was a realistic person. If he is realistic now, he will become a lot more willing to experiment and collaborate than he was last year.

    We’ll see pretty soon.