Photo Of The Day

Photo/John McGillen

USC athletic director Pat Haden gets ready to do the Harlem Shake at the basketball game Sunday. The helmet is a new soundproof prototype to prevent hearing fans’ comments about Lane Kiffin.

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  • WHAMMO!!!

    another humiliating kick to Kiff’s crotch, wolfman!!!!

    oh, and you had to be wearing your Bruno Magli’s??

    wolfman, i am calling this fight!!! Kiff is no longer able to defend himself!!

    • TrojanFan

      Same recycled material, get a life!

  • dtksr1

    I have no idea what JK McKay is doing other than accepting a free ride as Haden’s pal…

  • Another couple of Scotche’s and Haden might have done a strip tease !

  • Who’s the 3rd fool?

  • Cheap seats

    I guess even a random photo of students is an excuse to take another jab at Kiffin on this blog — not surprised though. SW’s world revolves around Kiffin and PC.

    Anyone know what are we really looking at in this photo? It looks like the student section at Galen during a basketball game. Why are they holding up newspapers?

    • Class of ’15 SC

      We did the Harlem Shake during a timeout at the game. Haden and a couple others were doing the initial dance, while us students “read” newspapers, then when the beat dropped we went crazy. Was really fun.

      • Cheap seats

        Thanks. I went to last year’s rivalry game and the student section was rocking all the way to the end.

        Enjoy it while it lasts! I regret not going to more games and parties.

        Let me guess…..powder blue and gold on the top deck like last year?

        • Class of ’15 SC

          Nah Powdah puff blue was scattered throughout the Galen. I can actually see my group in that video! We are in front of one of the cardboard faces. Sweet!

      • Cheap seats

        I found it on YouTube:

        [youtube url followed by /] watch?v=Mr1FlF7Ov6M

  • TrojanFan

    Any updates on the voluntary player workouts?…..At least give us something that’s relevant, instead of your typical BS

    • gotroy22

      You want to know how many situps Wittek did today?

      • TrojanFan

        The players run their own practices. I heard some comments from the Bleach Report regarding the practices(workouts)

  • Bill

    Pat Haden ROCKS!!! Keep up the great work! Time to give Lame Kitten a 10 year contract and a huge raise!