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Peter King of Sports Illustrated spoke to NFL scouts about USC quarterback Matt Barkley.

“One thought he was a victim of poor coaching and a deficient offensive line last year.”

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  • ThaiMex

    This from Farfy…..”When the big sanctions came down, coach [Pete] Carroll is gone, we have
    no A.D., it’s the spring of my freshman year and I’ve got to stand up
    and speak for the program. We’ve got all these penalties, and I helped
    rally the troops. That actually helped me — helped me become more of a
    leader. I think I bring a lot that’s not quantifiable, starting with the
    fact that I’ve been a four-year starter.”

    Sooooo…in addition to taking over duties for the Brain Surgeon, A.D. Garrett, he filled in for the departed Coach, rallied the troops, then went off and REBUILT HAITI !!!!!!!!!! What a guy! Didn’t he also invent the Internet, eliminate global hunger, and find the cure for Muscular Dystrophy?
    It’s truly amazing he had time to take EVEN ONE CLASS as a senior!

    It’s no wonder you torgans are all proud and arrogant.
    fit on LIMBO U !!!!!

    • Boring

    • orale, Thai Vato!! otro patadas en los huevos de los Mensos!!
      (way to go Thai! another humiliating kick in crotch for the Dummies!!)

      if i read you comment correctly, you are suggesting that the Pious Passer’s humanitarian trip was over publicized for publicity purposes??

      and that while Pious claims to be a charismatic leader, in reality he couldn’t lead a fat guy to a box of donuts??

      Thai, there is IRON in your words for all Cadre to see!!

      • TrojanFan

        Please release the repeat button, idiot!

      • steveg

        Who publicized the trip? Take Barkley out of it and there were still several other players you haven’t mentioned. Somebody does good, but in your evil eyes it is all bad? Bucket you need to find a new direction.

      • TrojanFamily

        Seriously, what sort of “man” attacks one one for living his faith and traveling to Haiti to help after an earthquake? I suspect the same sort of “man” who invents multiple characters to congratulate himself for his “wit.” And the same sort of “man” who nicknames his imaginary friends the “cadre.” I used to just think you were a fool. Now I just pity you.

        • Geez Louise!!! lighten up, brother!! I’m sure the Pious Passer can take a few light jabs from the bitter enemy, no??

          so i don’t like phony-bolonys. the Pious Passer is a phony. so why did they take so many camera crews to Haiti with them? i’ve seen more video of that trip last season than i have of Southern Cal football games!!

          besides, if he did it for the Haitians, what does it
          matter what some kook on the internet says? Pious will tell you himself it does not matter what i think!! or is it that you secretly agree with me?? as i thought.

    • TrojanFan

      Same lame recycled material….get a life!

    • steveg

      Gotta suck to be a ruin.

      • ThaiMex

        I especially like the part where he says…” I think I bring a lot that’s not quantifiable”….Let’s talk/focus on the stuff that is QUANTIFIABLE….like INTERCEPTIONS, OVER THROWN/ UNDER THROWN passes, or the lack of a comeback win against a quality opponent….lets talk about (aaaaccccckkkkkkkkk!, that is the choking sound) games YOU LOST Because you panic in the pocket! Maybe BARFY could dazzle all of them by pointing out his successful W/L record against The Sisters of the Poor (Minny, Purdue, Hawaii, and their very poor sister, Virginia!) !…..
        Go get em’ barney…..you’ve always been a class act!
        fit on torgans…

        • THAI! way to lead off the day with a humil…..aw you know the rest!!


          so queeeer that half the trOXans are fer Pious and half are agin’ ’em!!

          make up your minds, DUMMIES!!

          if Pious is the first pick in the NFL draft, i will leave this BLOG forever and you can take that to the BANK!!!

        • Boring +

          • ThaiMex

            nubber….you o.k.? You remind me of those lifeless attention whores on Facebook who post silly girlie things like…
            “I’m hungry, but don’t know what to eat”, or…..
            “I’m bored”
            Come on NUBSIE….get over it…(yup, everyone heard about amir dumping you and running off with MONO)

            JUST SAYIN’…..(Queer as that sounds)
            fit on torgan

    • rusoviet

      Hey ‘tapette’ how’s is shakin’ bra’? Ummm yeah sugah’ do your thang….

  • dtksr1 @dslextreme.com

    Matty was a victim of incapable coaching where it mattered. The talent on this team, on both sides of the line, were better than a 7 & 6 record. Don’t put blame where it doesn’t belong.

    • Fatty Matty never improved his decision making. He forced throws in high school and he did it in his last college game. That’s on him.

  • Ted

    I think Barkley is product having poor advisers…He should have left after his Junior year…Past few southern cal qbs didn’t pan out in the NFL but as far as dollar success, Sanchez, although he is not the most talented made out like a bandit because he left after his most successful year. You got to know when to cash in… Barkley has no one to blame but himself and whoever was giving him advise….I guess Kiffin is still to blame!

  • Bill

    The most tell tale sign was that Matty was exposed for having a mediocre arm but cracked under the pressure when the sanctions were off! He didn’t have as many issues when there was not bowl games to play for and he could be loosey goosey!

    By the way, I heard that Mante Teo’s girlfriend set up the Haiti trips to benefit the Pious Passer’s Heisman chances! Rebuilt Haiti, he did as much as the sports agents on the trip did!

    • steveg

      Bill, how much did you accomplish on YOUR trip down to Haiti to help some people try to recover.

      • Independent_George

        The only trips down that Bill takes is on ThaiMex

        • TrojanFan

          That’s for sure!

      • Bill

        Like he picked up a shovel and did any manual labor. Yeaaa right! He was there for the photo op and as soon as the cameras were off, he was nowhere to be seen texting Mante Teo’s girlfriend!

  • Ben Factor

    Most of the comments here seem helpful:

    1. Advisors didn’t correctly assess the risk implications of not hitting in practice, and the OL.

    2. Coaching deficiencies were a material cause of the decision not to hit in practice, the OL failures, the poor in-game adjustments, the predictable play-calling, the ongoing fumbles, 8 games of excessive penalties, the failure to correct MB’s and WRs’ errors, and so on.

    3. His in-play decisions were sometimes not so good.

    4. He failed to improve at velocity and accuracy over 20 yards, and/or if the issue was not his arm strength, then knowing how much zip was optimal. He failed to improve at throws made off-balance, which are part of the game. He failed to improve at handling a heavy rush without making mistakes. I suspect all that was both his fault and his coaches’ fault.

    When you’re hot, you’re hot. When you’re not, you’re not. It’s fleeting, and the future is unpredictable. If you can’t make a list of SPECIFIC flaws in your game that you strongly believe you can improve, then cash in on being hot.

    He’s a good fellow. Right now, he’s posturing for the draft, which is fine. In the long-term, I hope that he surprises the scouts and becomes a star. To do so, it sure looks as though as he is going to have to approach the game somewhat differently.