Who Calls The Plays?

That is the key question as USC prepares for spring practice. Will it be offensive coordinator Clay Helton? Passing-game coordinator Tommie Robinson? Running-game coordinator Mike Summers? Head coach Lane Kiffin?

Or maybe assistant head coach Ed Orgeron, who was the defensive coordinator last year when he wasn’t the defensive coordinator?

Alas, it will probably be Kiffin, who is the actual offensive coordinator, even though he is the head coach.

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  • steveg

    Who is on first??? What a comedy. Will Haden ever step in?

    • WingsHD

      No, feels he doesn’t have too. He see’s progress in Lame.

  • Cheap seats

    Man, SW’s blog topics are as versatile as Kiffin’s play calling:

    1. Topic regarding Kiffin calling the plays
    2. Pete Carol related post
    3. Some kind of drama going on from an “unnamed source”

    Repeat after 1 week.

    How about an actual conversation with a player or coach? Ever heard of something called an “interview” before? We can search the internet, too.

  • ThaiMex

    Come on guys….lets get real and do the right thing,….Rock Paper Scissors is the right way to determine who gets to hold (hide behind) the Jerry’s Deli Menu.
    U Stupid Clowns and your football program are the joke of College Football (13 recruits????, Really? Yea..I know…you knuckleheads DIDN’T WANT TO TAKE MORE THAN 13 so you told VANDERDOES to take a hike)
    No wonder you guys are all proud and arrogant!
    Fit on Torgans!

    • Boring

    • another fantastic point, Thai!!

      trOXans crying about sanctions this and sanctions that, “oh our 25 schollies!!! BOO HOO!!”

      but in reality they can’t even fill the 15 schollies they DO get, much less 25!!


      Thai es en FUEGO otra ves!!!
      (Thai, you are on FIRE again)

      • Cheap seats

        This guy seriously responds to his “other” self?

        There’s therapy out there for you. Get professional help…


          you don’t know ANYTHING!!

          • Cheap seats

            schizophrenia now has real meds. Make sure you take them as labeled.

            No need for the shock therapy anymore. It isn’t working.

          • the Pope and the CIA are spying on me. you work for them.

          • grave soul

            Hey kid, you are confusing schizophrenia with dissociative identity disorder (formerly referred to as multiple personality disorder). Get yer shizz straight, trolljan!

      • Ted

        I think Bucket (trojan fan, thai, sped, bruinrob, Ken Hart etc…) was behind the Manti Teo’s girlfriend hoax.

  • Bill

    Who is the Denny’s menu coordinator?

  • dtksr1 @dslextreme.com

    …. an imbalance of coaching is now apparent! 7 of the 10 coaches on Kiffin’s staff are on the offensive side. Pendergast, Orgeron & Ekeler are the only defensive coaches. Even the special teams coach John Baxter is helping with tight ends.
    You tell me if this isn’t asking for trouble? That other coaches can’t believe their eyes. That Mr. Smilley isn’t proclaiming “that’s my boy”. Also tell me that Kiffin doesn’t still believe he can outscore the other side to win games by this action? Yeah, we can believe that he has studied & determined where he went wrong last season………..