Matt Barkley On A Regret From 2012

Matt Barkley was asked by NFL Network analyst Steve Mariucci if he regretted anything from last season. “Being more assertive or direct, with the players or with the staff, in how I wanted the ball to move across the field,” Barkley said.

Full interview here

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  • so he is implying that the failures last season were those of the teammates and coaches, not his own failure to deliver.

    just like i said this morning, the Pious Passer is a HUGE PHONY!!

    thanks for making my point Pious, and to think i was just scolded today by a trOXan not buying into his phony-boloney jibber jabber!!!

    • MB is a Phony.

      • OMG! this is like the moment in Rocky IV when Rocky gets the crowd of Russians to come together!! if NOBs and BUcket can agree the Pious Passer is a phony, cant we all agree on that???

    • Ben Factor

      Did you actually graduate from UCLA? I’m HIGHLY critical, but you’re just a dullard. What was your major? Did your dad donate a building or something? What were your SAT scores?

      • ThaiMex

        It’s all about “MONEY IN THE BANK” and while I am an insider, Chuckie doesn’t let too many people know about his small but substantial fortune. He’s done better than most people I know and continues to work in the “Candy Business” because he enjoys it. He shares his good fortune with others, particularly those in need. Chuckie doesn’t need to answer to Maggots like you. BTW…did Mummy and Da-Da foot the bill at that Diploma Factory otherwise known as SUCks?
        fit on torgan

        • Boring€

        • Jethro G Sabbath

          Excellent example here of Bucket being asked a question and he rudely answering it as ThaiMex.
          This way he can still claim Bucket is “classy”

          • Jezro, great to see you back in action!!

            you have shown you are a man of true honor by self-imposing a one week ban following the UCLA victory in basketball per our agreement!!

            and you remain laser-focused on bringing down the Cadre, which is truly an Quixotic quest!!!

            i mean, can one stop the tide from rising? the sun from setting?? the Cadre from running wild on trOXans???

          • Jethro G Sabbath

            True honor – something foreign to you

          • low blow, Jethro, i see the G. stands for Gerk.

            AUUUUU-WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!i see the

          • Unlike you.. If I can remember the comment “If Vanderdoes doesnt commit to UCLA, I will never come to this blog again”

  • so he is implying that the failures last season were those of the teammates
    and coaches, not his own failure to deliver.

    just like i said this morning, the Pious Passer is a HUGE PHONY!!

    thanks for making my point Pious, and to think i was just scolded today by a
    trOXan not buying into his phony-boloney jibber jabber!!!

    • TrojanFan

      LAME!…same comment from Sunday!

    • TrojanFamily

      Just a sad, pitiable troll.

  • Bill

    Non-assertiveness, a great intangible for an NFL quarterback! Let’s see he’s a short, slow, average arm quarterback who is non-assertive and can’t handle pressure! He might be picked in the drafts slightly above where SuC placed in the polls!

  • grave soul

    I give MB credit for being honest about this, but as far as leadership is concerned, it doesn’t bode well for him.

    • Ben Factor

      Actually, my reply to steveg was intended for your comment. Not sure what happened. Sorry.

  • Ben Factor

    I think he’s right. He was a senior who was owed a lot by USC. He was asked to play in an offense that: many found predictable, in part because it overemphasized one WR target; that didn’t make great adjustments (in particular to weaknesses in the OL and running game and fumbilitis), and that did not succeed on 3rd down, in the red zone, in the second half of games. MB had earned the right not to defer so much, and I wish, as he does, that he had been more assertive and direct about the problems and in demanding experimentation to solve them.

    I don’t doubt that he was part of the problems as well. But he strikes me as the type of person who would not be afraid to be told how he was falling short, as part of the overall discussion of the need for change.

    It was all too secretive, static, hierarchical, and like most organizations with those characteristics, mediocre. The fear for this year is that Kiffin still doesn’t get it, and that Helton will not be a strong independent voice in strategy. If that happens, blame Pat Haden. He’s the boss behind the boss, and needs to insist on this larger change.

  • steveg

    actually we move the ball up and down the field, so that may have led to some confusion out there. Across the field is the way most of our kick returners go (east/west, instead of north/south)

    • Ben Factor

      I think it’s important to remember that he’s 22 years old. There is not one of us who doesn’t face challenges in learning how to be more effective in the world.

      If you said that MB won’t ever be able to throw the ball 35 yards with great accuracy and velocity, I would agree that he may only be able to improve on that so much. However, I am not inclined to think that a young man who is a pretty smart guy can’t learn to be more assertive with his teammates and coaches, and less likely to defer to their judgment when he thinks they’re wrong.

      • grave soul

        True, however in the Combine and how quickly decisions are made by scouts that may not be as familiar with MB, it is a strike against him.

        • Ben Factor

          Agreed. I heard Greg Cosell comment that he places 99.99% emphasis on game film, and the balance on Combine performance. Not that he’s a GM or personnel executive, but he’s pretty knowledgeable.

          IMHO, that is the big strike against MB. He just made too many mental errors this year, did not maneuver and get rid of the ball with super efficiency when rushed, missed on a number of important downfield passes, and did not rifle the ball on other downfield throws on which a bullet would have been preferable, and in the NFL, probably necessary. He would have helped himself to play as though his WRs were no better than the DBs guarding them. Of course, his WRs were much better, and he took that for granted in his execution. I don’t think that is what scouts wanted to see. You hear about NFL QBs throwing their receivers open, but not so much about throwing with the assumption that the WR is more athletic and will grab the ball (setting aside big size mismatches, such as Megatron or Gronkowski).

          • grave soul

            True. All good points.

    • Ben Factor

      I intended that reply for grave soul

    • ThaiMex

      vegetable brain….you move the ball across the 50 yard line, across mid-field,…across the forty….across the TWENTY…Go back to “Pick Up Sticks” w/ your Torganfan friends….and seek permission from the Cadre before Posting again.

      fit on torgan

  • ThaiMex

    WHAT?????? No regrets about “UNFINISHED BUSINESS”???? What about the Heisman (and the ARROGANT BILLBOARD CAMPAIGN)…and the #1 preseason ranking that turned out to be College Footballs biggest joke of 2012/2013. Barney (airhead) is down to his last Chance…and everyone knows it. He’s going to end up at ONE PLACE (after he gets CUT) next year, and I hope he doesn’t mind RAIN, because there’s plenty of that in Seattle.
    just saying… (“Just saying”, why does that continue to sound soooo QUEER?)
    fit on U Stupid Clowns!