Radio Rewind

In case you missed, here is my appearance on the Petros and Money show, where we discussed USC’s coaching staff and other pressing items.The interview begins around the 18-minute mark.

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  • TrojanNation

    I must admit, you seem a lot more intelligent on the radio, than as a writer Wolf. If only you could stop being so negative about everything USC football represents, you wouldn’t be so hated by Trojan fans.

    • TrojanFan

      “If only you could stop being so negative about everything USC football represents, you wouldn’t be so hated by Trojan fans.”

      BINGO!!!!!!…Isn’t that the truth

      • you trOXans could not be more WRONG!!!

        the fact that wolfman has the RESPECT of the entire UCLA and So CA sports community PROVES that he transcends Southern Cal sports!!

        you trOXans can’t HANDLE the truth!!

        • TrojanFan

          Hey bucket, you really need to have a psychiatric evaluation. I’m serious!

        • steveg

          And you purport the truth? Ya right. You are in that same dimension as Wolf, you guys need to try something new, what you got ain’t working.

    • Spedjones

      Silly Trogies don’t understand the difference between a cheerleader and a reporter. Wolfie’s just calling it like he sees it. You should want nothing less.

  • I wouldn’t say I ‘missed’ it.

  • CharIes Bucket


    dynamite stuff, wolfman!!

    man, do you ever run out of humiliating kicks in the crotch for Kiff??

    he shouldda NEVER come back!!!!

  • ThaiMex

    Wolfman…nice interview…PLEEEEEEZE don’t pay any attention to any of the RAH RAH’s posting here (Goat Boy could get arrested for DRUNK DRIVING, and these knuckleheads would blame it on The BRUIN Police!). BAGDAD BOB’s, every one of them.
    We are witnessing the same thing that happened during Neuheisels last year. He got rid of 1/2 his staff, and brought in a bunch of guys who couldn’t get hired anyplace else (5 days before spring practice and you don’t have a job?). And…just like CRN’s last year, SCUm is in for an A$$ WHOPPIN’ almost every week. Big difference is,….the sanctions, scholarship reductions, will take YEARS to recover from. Not even Coach Mora could rescue the football program at “The Stanford of the West”, SUCks, in just ONE YEAR.
    I/we hope you knuckleheads enjoy your Saturday afternoons as much as the rest of us. Just sayin’ (I know…it DOES sound QUEER)
    fit on torgans

    • Boring

    • WingsHD

      What was that? You need to change you name DementiaMex.

  • dtksr1

    Sorry, I can’t stomach Petros’ schtick for a whole 18 minutes. I’ll skip it.