Bob Cantu Covered The Spread

I told interim coach Bob Cantu that tonight that unlike Lane Kiffin, he knows how to cover a spread by beating Arizona straight up even though he got seven points.

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  • Sugar sweeeet!!!

    even in the wake of a great Basketball victory, the wolfman finds a way to give Kiff a humiliating kick in the crotch!!

    Kiff you shouldda NEVER come back!!

  • James Carr

    Scott Wolf, I cannot really put my finger on why you despise Lane Kiffin so much. Is it because: a) he has humiliated you in public so many times? b) he probably makes more money in a week than you do in a year? c) you are bald and he is not? d) you are creepy around attractive women while he is married to one? e) he knows propper grammar while your grammar is equivalent to that of a six year old?
    If I had to guess I would say it’s a combination of all of the above. By the way when are you finally going to get fired? You are the most disrespected reporter I have ever heard of, and you are a laughing stock, and you suck at your job. The only person that likes you is this schmuck who’s obsessed with the Willy Wonka movie, and his likeness of you isnt even genuine…he pretends to like you because he thinks its funny. PLEASE let someone else take over this blog. The Daily News would get a lot more positive recognition

    • Great post.

    • ThaiMex

      James,….what next? You gonna hold your breath until you get your way?

      Take it easy Francis!

      You sound real stressed….so, on behalf of the Cadre I’m going to send you A Pair of free Passes (that’s a $29.95 value) to our next Preferred Plus Gals Night at The Cadre Hqtrs. Your passes will be sent in a PLAIN Mailing envelope, and are not transferable (The “Girls” know how to take care of guys like you with stress issues..Monique Abalone is a favorite!). None of this Dress to Impress nonsense either. At The Cadre, we are very Casual.
      We hope you can attend.
      Fit on torgan!


        Thai you gave James a beat-down….CADRE STYLE!!!! (doing Gangham dance)

        it’s crystal clear lil’ James has a terrible inferiority complex!!!

        but the situation is quite clear: Kiff messed with the wolfman and the Claw of the Wolf is now clawing Kiff a$$ raw!!!

        make no mistake…the wolfman WILL run Kiff outta town, no matter what the Dummies want!!!

        so TAKE IT EASY FRANCIS!!!


        • Jethro G Sabbath


          If you are going to continually drop a Stripes quote, can you at least get it correct.

          It’s “Lighten up Francis”

      • Boring

    • Wolf is worse than Simers ? Don’t think so. I actually think Wolf is funny, he rubs the rah rah Trojans like you the wrong way and that’s fine by me cuz it’s idiots like you who think Kiffin is doing a fine job.

      • Wrong. Simers attacks everybody. SW is a nit picker and an @$$hole.

      • James Carr

        Well “Bend Over” the difference between Scott Wolf and Simers is that people actually know who TJ Simers is. And yeah, I’m just so hurt by your idiot remark that I am now going to cry. The truth is if you’re a fan of Scott Wolf then you are probably some jealous USC hater, and you’re probably also a regular subscriber of the National Enquirer. There are plenty of USC reporters such as Scott Schrader, Dan Weber, Ryan Abraham, who are very critical of Kiffin but they do it in a fair way. They dont print trash relying on shady “sources.” Other reporters give their opinions and base it on facts as well as reliable sources, and while they do write articles that are critical on Kiffin and USC, they print positive articles as well. In other words, they print REAL NEWS. Wolf tries way too hard to seek out nothing but the negative because its either his vindictive way to spite Kiffin and USC, or its just the only way he thinks he can get any kind of attention.
        As for the guy down there who is behind both the “Charlie Bucket” and “Thai-mex” handles who has conversations with himself, he’s not even worth responding to lol. That guy is such a loser that he can easily be placed in the same category as the “reporter” he pretends to like so much in Scott Wolf.

        • ThaiMex

          FYI…..last warning….It’s “ThaiMex”….got it?

  • Swoll Francis

    “kiff knows propper grammar” should be on a T-shirt