The No Trojan Coaching Staff

With USC’s coaching staff completed, one thing that few discussed is that no former USC players are part of the staff. In the past three years, Keary Colbert, Sammy Knight and Kennedy Polamalu were assistants but they are gone.

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  • dtksr1

    There was talk late last year Kiffin would concentrate on bringing in non-USC connected coaches. Kiffin watied too long though, to complete his staff so close to spring ball and giving the new coaches little time to prepare in what they need to know of the program & players. The last big remaining question is, who will perform the playcalling next season. It will be interesting to see when Kiffin decides to let that be known.

    • betomas

      Good point about how long coaches will have time to prep and the fact they are having to learn about the “culture” at USC in fast motion.

  • grave soul

    Sound like Lane is leading a coaching team filled with carpetbaggers with intentions of making a big name for themselves while filling up their coffers.

    • TrojanFan


    • betomas

      Hate to agree, but it seems odd and rife with erroneous decision making that Kiff would get rid of any & all Trojan coaches.

      • Jethro G Sabbath


        What is your thinking behind these two characters of yours, Grave Soul and Betomas?
        They seem awfully redundant to me.

        • Jezro, remember the time you tackled the mailman shouting, “Stay away from my house, BUCKET!!! I know it’s you!!” ???

  • MichiganTrojan

    Ross Cummings, grad assistant, former SC walk-on.

    • ThaiMex

      fit on ross cummings!

  • Who Cares as long as they WIN!

  • Brian

    It would be nice to have alums on the coaching staff, but it is much more important to have the best coaches, regardless of where they went to school.

  • Old news. Who cares?


    this is news?

  • Cheap seats

    Anyone watch the YouTube video of John Robinson doing a pep talk before the Spring game a few years ago?

    Just put the youtube url before this: /watch?v=-DBM8cY11fQ

    Toward the middle of the video. Lane Kiffin walks over to his office and seems oblivious to the USC legend speaking in front of the kids.

    Even if I give Kiffin the benefit of the doubt that he meant no disrespect, it’s stuff like that which ends up sending a message.

    • betomas

      And Polamalu is standing hard…I mean HARD & with undivided attention and respect in that vid the whole time. Both Orgeron and Kiff are like whatevs in that footage.

      • TrojanFan

        So what does that have to do with coaching a football team?

        That swing shift has really taken it’s toll on you!

  • Ben Factor

    I just looked quickly at the coaching staff at University of Alabama. Not one of them played at the University of Alabama. Instead, they have WON at the University of Alabama.

    Let’s not get into a “not invented here” mentality.

    IMHO, we AND PAT HADEN should focus on the key issues: (1) whether Kiffin is determined to go it alone on offensive strategy in 2013 or is bringing a teamwork approach; and (2) whether the defense will suffer from Pendergast’s dual role.