USC 89, No. 11 Arizona 78

The students rushed the court and celebrated with the Trojans as USC upset the Wildcats. How did USC do it? It shot 61 percent. Eric Wise made 9-12 shots and scored a game-high 22 points. Byron Wesley added 18.

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  • Charles Bucket

    chin-gado! Can’tDo es en FUEGO hombre!!
    (damn! Can’tDo is on FIRE, man!!)

    i just hope i didn’t guaran-fing-tee to leave the BLOG forever if the trOXans won!!

    to be honest, i have been talking so much smack, i can’t remember half the stuff i have guaran-fing-teed anymore!!


    • Joe Blow

      Way to copy my “can’t do”.

      • Charles Bucket

        but it felt so RIGHT…

        • Joe Blow

          It’s ok. It FITS

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      Nice job following the Trojan basketball game and then rushing straight to this site and being the first one to post about it!

      • Charles Bucket

        SOMEONE has to care!!! the trOXans get no love from their own!!! AND the trOXans opened up the door for us to become Pac 12 Champeens!!!!!

        amazing not ONE post in support of the trOXans own team after big win….PATHETIC!!!

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      You do remember the game last week that you wanted no part of with a guarantee, don’t you?

  • m00t

    If we had only listened to the idiot trolls we would have fired O’Neill last year and maybe we would have had a chance to make the tourney this year. It’s ironically like inverted ‘boy who cried wolf’.